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  • How To Choose Between All-in-One and All-in-Two Solar Street Lights?

    The choice between all-in-one and all-in-two solar street lights typically depends on the specific requirements of your project. For smaller applications, such as a single road or village road, an all-in-one system is usually sufficient. However, for more demanding environments like driving roads or high-speed roads, an all-in-two system might be the better option.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your products?

    There is no minimum order quantity for sample orders; you may purchase any quantity according to your needs.

  • What is the typical lead time for your products?

    For small orders, the lead time is typically 5-7 working days, while bulk orders generally require 15-20 working days.

  • Do you provide a guarantee for your products?

    Yes, we offer a warranty period of 3-10 years, depending on your specific requirements.

  • How do you manage faulty products during the warranty period?

    Normally, faults in our products are related to the battery, controller, solar panel, or LED. We provide replacements with an easy plug design, making it straightforward for you to replace them.

  • What is your production capacity?

    We have a production capacity of 10,000 units per month.

  • What kind of payment method does your company accept?

    For small orders, we accept payment via TT (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, USDT or PayPal. For bulk orders, we require a 30% deposit with the remaining 70% balance due before shipment.

  • What types of currency do you accept?

    We accept a variety of currencies including RMB, HKD, USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK, AUD, CAD, SGD, and NZD.

  • Do you have any stock in Germany?

    It might not be feasible as Germany serves only as our R&D center. Our production base is in China, which offers more extensive supply chain support that Germany does not provide. Therefore, all products and stock are available exclusively from China.

  • How does a solar street light work?

    During the day, solar panels on the product convert sunlight into electrical energy, which is stored in the lithium battery system. A dusk sensor automatically activates the streetlight at dusk and turns it off at dawn.

  • What do the working way of “motion sensor” and “time schedule” refer to?

    Our lamps can be customized to operate either with a motion sensor or on a timed schedule, according to your needs. The motion sensor setting triggers the lamp to full 100% brightness when someone approaches and reduces to 30% brightness once they leave, extending battery lasting time. The time schedule option allows for setting different brightness levels at specific times—for example, 100% brightness for the first 4 hours, 50% for the next 4 hours, and 25% for the last 4 hours, to conserve energy. Both brightness levels and timing can be customized to fit your requirements.

  • How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged?

    It takes 5-6 hours for the battery to be fully charged under direct sunlight.

  • How many days will the lights operate after the battery is fully charged?

    Assuming the light operates for 12 hours per night, a fully charged battery will last between 3-5 days with the all-in-one solution, and 7-10 days with the all-in-two solution, even during continuous rainy conditions.

  • Does your solar street light come with a remote control?

    Yes, we include a remote control with each order, which can be used to adjust the lamp data or modify the working mode according to specific requirements.

  • The lamp has been in storage for over six months. Is there anything I should do before using it again?

    During storage, lithium batteries gradually discharge but typically remain usable for a long period. Our lights’ adaptive capability allows a discharged battery to recharge in most cases simply by placing the light in a sunny location. If you notice steady illumination or flashes, the light will recharge itself easily in bright sunlight. If the light does not illuminate at all, the battery may be very low and require recharging. Please contact us for assistance.

  • Are your lights resistant to typhoons and hurricanes?

    Yes, our lights are built to withstand damage from vandalism. Most of our systems are designed to endure winds of up to 145 mph. In hurricane zones, we offer systems capable of handling winds up to 176 mph.

  • Can your lights be installed seaside while being protected from rust and corrosion?

    Yes, our lamp housing material is made of die-cast aluminum, ensuring resistance to both rust and corrosion.

  • How long does it take to install your lights? Do I need an electrician for the installation?

    Our lights are designed for easy installation, making them a convenient choice compared to both wired and other types of solar lighting. Since our solar street light do not require a connection to the electrical grid, there is no need for trenching. Additionally, the lights are integrated and self-contained, meaning no assembly is required. Typically, it takes about 5 minutes to install a solar street light. Because our lights are low voltage and independent of the electrical grid, an electrical contractor is not necessary for installation.

  • What maintenance is required for your lights?

    Our lighting system is maintenance-free. Rain typically keeps the panels clean. In areas with heavy snowfall, you may need to brush off the solar panels. However, due to the panel’s angle, snow usually slides off once the sun rises and the temperature increases.

  • Is it possible to make hybrid way for your lamps?

    Yes, it is possible. We can design our lamp with a hybrid controller to connect to the grid. When the battery is low, solar power will be used to charge it first. If the battery is completely depleted, the grid will supply power to light up the lamp.

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