Patent Design From Germany

All our products are designed by our Germany team from the Dresden University of Technology. It is the leading R&D centre of LED in the world. What’s more, our Germany team have 10 years experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs.

In addition, all our products are patent design. You can only find this kind of product in our company, so it will be very good for your sales and marketing.

Design in Germany

Strong Supply Chain Management from China

As we know, China has its own top advantage in manufacturing. Our manufacturing base locates in Shenzhen, which is LED and production base in China.

Our manufacturing team has rich experience in supply chain management. They used to work in the company of Foxconn where Iphone are manufactured. All the products are made according to ISO9001 standard so we can guarantee the defective rate to be within 0.1%.


Professional Certifications from Third Party

We always know that quality can not be believed just by words or pictures, but how can we prove our quality. It is believed that third lab will be the first choice.

All our products have been certificated by third lab. Currently we have CE, RoHS, IP66, FCC, C-TICK, LM80, IK08, Salt Spray, Vibration etc. It can satisfy most of government tender requirements.

solar led light

Only Specialize in Solar LED Lighting

Focus is the first factor to show the determination to the products.

Our company only focus our attention on solar lighting so we can invest more time and money on R&D and quality control of solar lighting.

The more we pay on solar lighting, the more we will gain on solar lighting.


Wide Distribution Network

Currently our products have been exported to 37 countries all over around the world. With these 285 clients, we can achieve a wide distribution network.

All the end-clients can be shared with the distributors to achieve local sales. It not only helps our distributors easier and faster explore the market but also sales protection.

sales network

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