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Design a beautiful waterscape lighting

Landscape lighting is the outdoor lighting project that have lighting environment decoration functions. It should combine with the environment surrounded to make the view of landscape presented lighting. Waterscape is one of the most common element in landscape lighting and it must be extraordinary with the lighting.

Waterscape lighting is basically including water lighting and underwater lights. As its name implies, water lighting is to install lights on the architectures that are on the water. Although it is more convenient for future maintenance, they are still inferior to underwater lighting. It should be carefully designed as it is easy to cause dizziness.

Underwater lighting refers to install the lights under the water for illumination, and it has good lighting effect which will increase the color of the water body. Lights install under the water must be water resistance and corrosion resistance, yet both the cost and maintenance cost of the lights are relatively high.


Fountain landscape lighting

Most of the lights are illuminate from bottom to top and it is important to ensure that at least one lighting is coordinate with the sprayed water during the lighting arrangement. For water shaped fountain, ensure the form of spray is correctly performed. As for the fountain with multiple spray, the design should baes on the overall style.


Pool reflection waterscape lighting

This type of lighting can be set according to the requirements. It can be placed at the bottom of the pool or around the pool. To installed at the bottom of the pool, the bottom and surrounding of the pool should use high reflection materials for graphic design.


Waterscape lighting : Waterfall landscape lighting

Bottom to top lighting should be use if it is a more turbulent stream. For gentle stream, install the light inform of the water body. In addition, light should be selected according to the height and water volume of the waterfall. Lights should be installed in front for waterfalls with small water volume; lights should be installed in the water for waterfalls with large water volume to highlight the beauty of water dynamic. Waterfalls with less differences should install wide beam lights and illuminate upwards; waterfall with larger differences should use narrow beam lights.


Natural waterscape lighting of rivers

It is impossible to illuminate the entire water surface if it’s the nature waterscapes like big rivers. Therefore, it mainly highlights the landscape and the waterbody by reflecting the scenery of the shore. To enhance the beauty of waterbody and create a night view atmosphere, well-hidden and chic LED lights is usually used for natural waterscape.


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