Typhoon No.22, “Mangkhut” passes through Guangdong Province. The whole day was full of whistling wind, storms, trees, and solar street lights on the roadside were all blown down by the strong wind, and the lights were also severely damaged.

What lessons should the solar street lights industry give after the destructive typhoon “Mangkhut?

First of all, when selecting the solar street lights, not only should we consider their functions but also the windproof and dust-proof of the light poles and lights. Only when this aspect is considered, can we ensure the street lights in city infrastructures can remain properly in the event of natural disaster and guarantee the safety of people.


As an important part of the solar street lights, the quality and opening method are relatively important. Street light poles are normally made of aluminum casting alloy, the thickness must be at standard, cannot have cracks or holes, and should have a well-contacted joint at the joint of every component. Most of the time the lights damaged by the strong wind are caused by the unsuitable design of the light buckles. Therefore, it is necessary to install the spring buckle. Two parts can be installed, and fix the important part of the light body to prevent it from falling off.

Light Pole

The height of the light pole must be selected according to the width and usage of the road. Once again, the wall thickness must not be cut the corner, hot-dipped galvanization should be used for the inside and outside of the light pole, with the thickness of the galvanized layer above 35μm, and the thickness of the flange at 18mm or more. If cold galvanizing is used, the lamp pole will be rusted and easy to break under the strong wind. Thus, strengthen the wall thickness and the thickness of hot-dipped galvanization, otherwise, it cannot be used.

 Solar street lights industry: Foundation

As the most important part of the street light project, the foundation of the street light is critical for the overall windproof and safety.

Firstly, use the C20 concrete for pouring to ensure its stability. Then, confirm the anchor bolt according to the height of the light pole to ensure the stability of its foundation and strengthen its wind resistance capability.