Factors to Consider in A Solar Street Light Project Proposal

A solar street light proposal is unique to each project, which is rather apparent, but the format is basically the same. For you to understand the uniqueness of your solar street project proposal there are factors that you need to consider.

Knowing the factors that affect a solar street light project proposal will enable you to create better specifications. Besides getting the right fit for your application, you will be able to give your sponsors and stakeholders an offer they cannot resist.

The Traffic or Amount of Activity in The Street

Your solar street light project proposal should consider the amount of traffic or activity in the area that needs illumination. Here you will have to factor in the peak hours of the street to determine the safety concerns. You will need to determine the principal and minimal traffic hours.

During off-peak hours you can choose to use solar street lights that can lower the wattage of the lighting fixture.  You are likely to find the use of adaptive techniques in solar street light project for rural and residential areas. With adaptive lighting techniques, the lighting system can automatically adjust its brightness depending on the traffic.

Considering traffic or amount of activity when drafting a solar street light project proposal aims to lower the overall installation and operational costs. Also, you will be able to conserve energy that will be used to light up the following nights.

Therefore, you will have to do a complete analysis of the traffic pattern to determine the peak and off-peak hours. This information will help you look for the best option to illuminate the street.

The Amount of Shade Along the Street

When the sunbeams land on the photovoltaic cells of the Solar panels, the energy from the sun is converted into electricity which is used to charge the battery that powers the street lights. Since Solar street lights depend on the energy from daylight, the amount of shade in the area is essential in a solar street light project proposal.

Shading takes account of the coverage available in the street that will block the sunlight required to produce electricity for your solar street light. You solar street light project should specify the type of cover (cloud cover, tree cover, and roof cover) and any kind of obstruction present in the area that you wish to illuminate.

Considering the amount of shade in your solar street light project proposal will bring shade a light on the feasibility of the project. In case of tree cover, this knowledge will help you determine the design strategy:  whether to trim the trees, install lights under the tree with the solar system remotely mounted on a sunny area nearby or install the street lights with poles taller than the trees.

Your solar street light project proposal should ensure the light pattern remains even and prevent future operation issues.

The Insolation of the area

Before finalizing your solar street light project proposal, you should determine the weather and climatic patterns of the region. This factor does not only consider the annual abundance of sunshine in that area but also the effect of high temperatures on the efficiency of the solar panels.

This may come as a shock to you, but it is actually true that high temperatures have an opposing effect on the production of solar panels. Prolonged exposure to such extreme temperatures tends to prematurely damage the solar cells. Therefore, your solar street light project proposal should take into account the local weather, the seasons and most importantly the latitude of the area.

Innovative approaches and technology

Innovation and technology can affect the cost of your solar street light project proposal. The solar lights in the marketplace come with advanced battery, solar panel, and lighting source technology. As you aim to stay up to date with the innovations, you should also select your solar street lights according to your budget.

Innovative approaches and technology come with a price, which at times is higher than the norm, but the investment is worth the taking. The advantage of factoring new advances in the solar street light industry gives you the benefit of long service and reduced operational cost.

Regulations and Restrictions

In some areas, you will need to factor in the specified requirements for mounting your street lights.  Therefore, your solar street light project proposal should fulfill the mounting requirements in terms of pole height or wind loading.

Your solar street light project proposal Adherence and complying to safety regulations and restriction that help to mitigate what Mother Nature throws at you. These requirements will help you determine the type of material to use and the design of the solar lighting system.

Illumination Level

There is no doubt that you have to include the level of brightness in the solar street light project proposal. The level of lighting drags into the picture the need for determining parameters such as the area of illumination (road width), pole placement (central, zig-zag or single side), fixture spacing, lamp mounting height, module angle of tilt and arm length.

Besides determining the number of lumens, you will have to eliminate glare, light pollution, non-uniform light pattern, and waste of energy. Your solar street light project should provide a solution that can help solve these problems such as the use of reflective and refractive non-imaging optics or New concept of LED luminaire.

You will need to include your entire lighting analysis and layout in the solar street light project proposal under the design phase. The information you present here will determine the scope and resource of your project. This is the meat of the matter.

Solar Street Light Project Proposal: Conclusion

Knowing the right factors to consider in a solar street light project should help you reduce the costs and save more energy. Make sure all the factors shared above are covered so that you can get an accurate solar street light proposal for your project.  Information is vital in such projects: do not be afraid to consult solar lighting professional.


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