With the continuous advancement of the new countryside construction, solar street lights have gradually been applied to the construction of the new countryside as well, and the market has become more competitive. It is a good thing that solar street lights can be widely used, but various problems have appeared shortly after the installation. Here let’s talk about how to increase solar street light lifespan.

1. Solar street light lifespan: Use high-quality solar panels

Collecting the light source and converting the light source into electrical energy is the main function of the solar panel. The quality of solar panels on the current market is uneven, some unethical manufacturers use downgraded, ineffective cells and even paper scraps to fake. Therefore, you must not be misled by the price when purchasing solar panels. Be sure to select quality guarantee products.

2. Light pole is often overlooked, but a good solar street light is mostly supported by it.

The service life of the light pole totally depends on what galvanizing is used. A good light pole is hot-dip galvanized, and the service life of the light poles can be up to 20 years or more. As for cold-galvanized light poles, they will have rust spots after 1-2 months and there will be security risks in the long term.

3. The quality of the lights will directly influence the performance

When selecting a suitable solar light, in addition to the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly characteristics of the product itself, the stability and economic efficiency of the product should also be considered. To increase the solar street light lifespan, it is necessary to select lights with reliable quality and thickness. Moreover, the light beads are also crucial.

Do not use the patches as the solar street light lifespan will be greatly reduced if the heat dissipation is poorly functioning.

4. The battery is the powerful backing of solar street lights

Because the battery is relatively large, burying is generally the way to install it. This can not only provide an anti-theft function but also provide a constant temperature environment for the battery. There are many types of solar street light batteries. There is a lead-acid maintenance-free battery, common lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, and alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries that are being used currently.

5. Controller is the brain of the solar lighting system

It is responsible for the work of solar panels, lithium batteries, and loads, the most critical component for the lighting system of solar street lights. The controller has anti-overcharge and over-discharge functions that are waterproof and can stabilize the current and voltage, which guarantees the efficient and safe operation of the entire solar lighting system.