Solar Street Lamp is in high demand because of their better efficiency and environmentally friendly nature. According to the Survey in 2017, Solar LED Street Lamps dominated the lighting market with 1.9 million units globally, and these numbers are increasing exponentially every year.

With the help of these light sources, we are less dependent on electricity, and these lamps play a vital role in our lives. But before we dive deep, we must know what solar lamps are.

What is Solar Street Lamp?

Solar street lamps are simply lights that use solar energy to produce electricity. These consist of solar panels that absorb sunlight and convert it to electrical energy. There are five main components of this lamp:

1. Solar Panel:

A solar panel powers the solar street light. A solar collector converts the sunlight into D.C. power. Solar panel performance is dependent on luminary capacity and autonomy days.

2. Luminaries:

Luminaries provide the necessary lighting. It was common to use CFL luminaries earlier. However, LED luminaries have gained popularity over the past eight years. You should choose the size of luminaries according to your needs.

3. Charge controller:

The charge controller controls the charging and discharging of the battery. It regulates the voltage arriving at the battery to charge it and prevents it from overcharging.

4. Rechargeable Battery:

Battery stores the charge generated from the solar panels during the day time. These stored charges are used to power up the lamps at night.

5. Strong Pole:

A pole or a wall can be used to mount these street lamps. In addition to solar panels, the pole has provisions for mounting batteries as well. Mounting arms for luminaries and solar panels are attached to the pole.

How does solar street lamp work?

During the daytime, solar panels convert sunlight and store it into a rechargeable battery connected directly to the panels—these stored charges then power up the LED lights at night. The charge controller controls the charging and discharging process of the battery. All these components are set up on a pole.

The Benefits of Solar Street Lamp

The benefits of solar street lamps are not limited, but the main benefit is the environment-friendly solution.

No electricity bills:

As solar street lamps use sunlight as the energy source and sunlight is available everywhere, you have to pay no electricity bills. It is a one-time investment solution, but in the long run, it is very effective to get rid of the traditional grid system.

Less maintenance:

These lamps require less maintenance and have been very efficient for many years. They consist of photocells that mainly absorb sunlight. The life span of these cells is very long. The battery life is also good, with at least five years of durability.

Safety and security:

Solar street lamps also play an essential role in the safety of the people. As a result, they can spend more time in parks and public places because the parks are safe and secure. Also, lighting will minimize criminal activities and provide a safer environment for people.

Cost-effective solution:

It is a very cost-effective solution for electricity. These systems are very costly, but it is a one-time investment. Considering them is very profitable in the long run as you don’t need to pay energy bills every month. No heavy wires and meters are needed, which saves a lot of money.

Clean and sustainable energy:

Photovoltaic panels power solar street lights, which produce clean and sustainable energy. Local authorities can reduce their energy consumption by utilizing solar energy for public lighting projects. It minimizes their environmental impact and contributes to the national and global energy transition.

Types of Solar streets lights

There are two types of solar streetlights:

  1. Traditional solar street lights.
  2. All-in-one solar street lights.

Traditional Solar Street Lights:

Solar street light consists of distinct components of this type, each placed at a different location.

All-in-one Solar Street Lights:

The entire solar street lamp is built into a single unit in all-in-one solar street lights.

Solar Street Lamp vs. Traditional street lights

  • Traditional street lights are very costly and less efficient than solar street lamps.
  • The lifespan of solar lamps is about 5 to 8 years, while traditional lights last an average of 5000 hours to 8000 hours or hardly one year.
  • Solar street lamps are environmentally friendly and positively impact nature, while traditional lights cause pollution and severely harm the environment.
  • Solar street lamps are durable, while traditional street lights can not withstand extreme weather conditions.

Role of government

The government has also accepted the efficiency and durability of solar products and implemented them on a broader level to meet energy demands. The government wants to control the energy crises by using renewable energy.

U.S. local governments’ energy actions 2015:

The government of the United States is also taking action to install solar panels and street lamps at the local level. According to the Survey, 18.5 percent of the government said they had installed solar panels on government facilities.

The off-grid solar photovoltaic program across India:

In March 2020, the government of India launched an off-grid solar photovoltaic program. The government distributed nearly 7.8 million solar lanterns and study lamps in this program to promote environmentally friendly technology. The government aimed to phase out kerosene-based lighting systems.

The Future of Solar Lighting:

Technology advancement in the field of solar street lamps is increasing exponentially. The manufacturers are trying to make solar lamps more efficient and durable. Companies are trying to reduce the cost of these lamps, making them available to everyone at affordable prices.

Global warming is causing glaciers to melt, and the climate has drastically changed over the past decade. So, every country is trying to use renewable energy instead of coal, oil, and gas to fulfill energy requirements and avoid pollution.

It is predicted that Solar products will be able to meet almost half of the world’s energy needs by 2050.


Solar energy is the future of the earth. Solar street lamps have the potential to fulfill our energy requirements and make us get rid of the old grid system. Coal, oil, and gas are non-renewable sources of energy, and they will terminate in the coming period. But sunlight is an endless source of energy and is abundantly available everywhere.

It is time to take bold steps and save our earth from the harm of non-renewable sources. If you want to buy all-in-one solar street lamps, we are here to your help. Feel free to contact us here.