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How to prevent the light malfunction solar post lights?

Today, solar post lights are gradually replacing the traditional post lights and more regions will use the environmentally friendly and energy saving solar street lights in the future. Present solar street lights generally use LED as light source, but it is often the case that the light doesn’t go on when in use. And this is the phenomenon that we always called “light malfunction”.

So, how can we prevent the light malfunction of solar post lights?

Light malfunction of solar street lights is caused by two reasons: First, the high leakage current result in the PN junction failure and light malfunction, but does not influence the entire light.

Second, the disconnect of internal connection lead of solar post lights result in no current pass through, causing light malfunction and the entire light cannot function properly.


How to prevent the light malfunction of the solar post lights?

  1. Prevent static electricity

Static electricity is an extremely scary and harmful monster for LED. It will damage or permanent failure the LED if any issue occurs. Static electricity in the human body can reach around 3000V, enough to breakdown the LED chip. Therefore, it is required to have a scientifically standardized grounding design at the LED assembly production line.


  1. Use the automatic welding equipment

Strict welding temperature must require in manual welding. When the temperature is too high, it will cause light malfunction as well. Use the soldering iron for welding process, with the temperature higher than 300-400℃. Light malfunction will occur when the temperature isn’t control well.


Above is how to prevent the light malfunction of the solar post lights. The coefficient of expansion of LED lead wire under high temperature is several times higher than the coefficient of expansion at about 150℃.

The inner gold spot welding will pull away the welding joint because of the thermal expansion and contraction, causing light malfunction. Therefore, efficiently prevent light malfunction of the solar street lights will extend the service cycle of the street lights.


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