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How to improve the brightness of solar pole lights?

Since the released of the solar pole lights, it has been gaining the popularity and recognition among others. It contributes a lot to the energy saving and environmental protection, respond to national slogan for construction of the new countryside and guarantee the new countryside construction. However, doubts raised over on solar post lights while getting popularity as some respond to the low brightness of the solar pole lights.

Instead of finding the reason internally, what else do we need to do?

DEL ILLUMINATION will answer it for you.


Reassure the brightness of street lights before the purchase

Before the purchase of solar street lights, and especially for bulk buying, it is important to select the qualified manufacturers and visit the factory in person to aware the situation. After decide which manufacturer to buy from, you must confirm the configuration needs or ask for a sample from the manufacturer. Some profession manufacturer will also provide some suitable plans according to the buyer’s needs. You can also choose a suitable configuration based on the actual condition and manufacturer’s advice.


Install at lower position

Do not install the solar street lights under the tall plants or buildings if the location need to confirm before the installation of solar street lights. Solar street lights convert the solar power into electricity, and it will not absorb efficiently when the solar panel is blocked by the shadow. If the situation occurs, you can try to adjust the height of the light pole or move to another location so as not to affect the absorption of solar panels.


solar pole lights: Regular inspection

Many solar street lights do not do the regular inspection after its installation, and it is not a good idea. Although solar street lights are free of maintenance, it is better regularly inspect to prevent many unnecessary problems. Damage must be fixed once it is seen and solar street lights should be cleaned once in a while to ensure the solar panel operate properly.


Above is how to increase the brightness of solar street lights. Solar street lights have many advantages, such as energy-saving, being environmentally friendly, manpower saving, smart control, and many more. We must use and install it correctly.


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