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How to avoid the four purchase traps of solar panel street light?

Solar panel street light gains popularity among people with their advantages in energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and simple installation. Some customers want to buy the solar street lights after knowing their advantages of it. However, it is very easy to fall into the purchase trap if one doesn’t understand the solar street light configuration. It is not worth it to blindly pursue the brightness, appearance, and low price of solar street lights and ignore the quality and price-performance ratio of the lights.


Next, we are going to share with you what are the top four purchase traps.


Trap 1: Blindly pursue the high brightness

Solar street lights have different lighting standards at different sites. Blindly pursuing the high brightness of solar street lights is not only wasting resources and can also be harmful to pedestrians. Therefore, be sure to confirm the lighting requirement before selecting the solar street lights according to your needs.


Trap 2: Solar street lights have a different power usage

Solar street lights can be smartly controlled and can be adjusted manually at the different time according to the needs. Therefore, its use of rated power is different.


Trap 3: Differences in the service life of street light accessories

LED light base has up to 50000hours service life, but solar street light system is composed of solar panel, battery, controller, light pole, light source and multiple components. Among them, solar panel has service life of 25 years, battery for 3-5 year and the life span of solar street lights controller is 2-5 years. Their service life is different.


Solar panel street light: Price decides the product

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality, and brand value. Although the bottom price is attractive, poor quality cannot guarantee long-term usage. Excess price is as well not advisable, it might have an over-demand configuration or emptiness that causes the waste of funds.


In summary, the suitable configuration is the key role in purchasing solar street lights, one must be cautious and not fall into these four traps.


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