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How to distinguish the quality of small solar panels?

Solar panels, also known as solar chips, are Semiconductor Optoelectronics wafers that use solar light to generate electricity. It acts as an important role in every field of new energy. It is widely used, as long as it is used in photovoltaic products.  The quality of the small solar panels components are directly related to the energy efficiency of the products used.

Nowadays, there are many solar panel manufacturers yet the poor-quality products are also mixed in. Indeed, it is not easy to select a good quality solar panel.


DEL ILLUMINATION will tell you how to distinguish the quality of them.


Check the front side

First and the foremost, we must carefully inspect the surface of tempered glass, which is also the part where some solar panel manufacturers missed to observe. If the silica gel is accidently dropped on the surface of the tempered glass, it must be removed in time. If it is not removed, the power generation efficiency of the panel will be affected.


Check the cell

Many unqualified manufacturers will assemble with the damaged cell to save the cost. The seemly complete cell is in fact with great risk. It may be safe in the initial stage, but the spliced cell will easily break under in the long-term and influence the usage of entire panel. When the temperature is too high, it will cause fire and threatens the life safety of pedestrians.


Small solar panels: Check the backside

The back of the solar panel should be marked with technical parameters, such as: open circuit voltage, short circuit current and working voltage. Secondly, check the loading pressure on the back of the solar panel. If bubbles and wrinkles appears after the loading, then such solar panels are classified us unqualified.


Check the junction box

The junction box is a connector of the solar cell module, and the main function of the solar photovoltaic junction box is to derive the electrical energy produced by the solar cell module through the cable.  Whether the junction box is firm or not is also related to the efficiency of the solar panel. The cover of the junction box should be firmly and closely attached to the junction box, and the lock of the outlet cable lock should be able to rotate and tighten freely.


Be sure to pay attention to the above 4 main points when purchasing solar panels. In addition, you should select according to your needs so that the quality of the chosen solar panels can be more assure.


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