As the growth of the living standard, more and more family started to take notice on outdoor landscape architecture while emphasizing on the interior decoration. Pillar lamp is relatively popular among other illumination, it is durable, environmental friendly technology, energy saving and stylish. It is mainly applied in villa, indoor-garden, balcony, yard and many more. Moreover, the pillar lamp can also use on corridor and format wall for the finishing touch.


Pillar lamps are usually installed on the wall of the gate, top of the wall decoration pillar, balcony and the fence of terrace, creating added a touch of charm and chic to the monotonous walls and pillar. Moreover, the pillar lamps not only light up the night but also act as a decoration to enhance the surrounding atmosphere.


Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and LED is generally used as the light source of the pillar lamps, with LED and solar pillar lamps are most widely used. Energy saving, environment-friendly and long lifespan are the commonality of both products.

Pillar lamps are made of wrought iron pole and PC lampshade. It should be chosen according to the size of the pillar and the design should combine with the connect with the local style. The design of pillar lamp will otherwise show incompatible with the style, causing eye strain and lose the enjoyment of beauty. However, pillar lamp nowadays is very versatile in general and both Jane European and modern style is perfectly suited.


Install several pillar lamps at the yard to create a comfortable and cozy outdoor space. Enjoy the charms of life, feel the charm and peace brings by the unique light.


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