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Philips Solar Street Light Introduction

Lighting is among the most significant part of the building system. If you are looking for Philips solar street light from German, you will find several options that can fit your lighting needs. All you need to do is to consider all available options. When you settle for the solar street light, you will get off light at nights, even when the solar energy is not there for some days. Also, it is highly recommended since work effectively in areas where there is electricity issues. Several users are purchasing Philips solar street lights for several reasons.

Solar Street Light

The sun is a non-polluting, in-exhaustive, and reliable source of power. Due to local air pollution, global climatic change, and resource scarcity has made photovoltaic (PV) become the most efficient energy supply technology. Unlike the CFL, solar LEDs energy is known for an efficient solution. Philips solar street light is an ideal solution for your lighting needs in local areas where electricity is erratic or unavailable. In some urban areas, solar street lights are recommended since they reduce dependency on the conventional source of power and encourage the use of green energy. This solution is effective since it is reliable and durable in fulfilling lighting needs.


  • Selina 8W, 15W
  • GreenLine 43W
  • Minigreen 21W

Available Options

  • Hybrid battery charger
  • Twin arm option


Philips solar street light is made of a microprocessor, which is managed by algorithms, to determine sunset and sunrise.

It is efficient and durable because of A-brand quality crystalline silicon solar panel.

Its maximum efficacy comes as a result of high lumen LED module. It is known for the low-voltage solar controller system that allows it to have dimming capabilities to save power (electric energy).

It stores the energy using certain discharge batteries to provide energy when needed, as well as make sure that there is a back-up when there is no sun.

Philips Solar Street Light: Benefits

Philips solar street light is an independent utility grid; hence, it has cheap operation costs. This suggests that this kind of street lighting is a wireless light and not connected to the electric provider. The light depends on the heat energy from the sun and street light stores much solar energy during the day. As compared to conventional street light, Philips solar street energy requires lesser maintenance and lower possibilities of overheating. The fact that the solar wires are designed without external wires, accidents during its installation has been minimized.

The accident can be electrocution or strangulation. Philips solar street light is environment-friendly since its panel is dependent on the sun; hence, carbon footprint contribution can be eliminated. Certain solar street lighting system’s parts are easy to carry to remote destinations; hence, it has become a handy and efficient solution to the lighting issues.

On the contrary, Philips solar street light has some disadvantages as well. The advantages are meant to assist you to compare it with other conventional street lights. Eventually, it is your responsibility to determine whether the advantages top the Philips solar street light’s disadvantages; you need to take time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.


Unlike conventional street light, Philips street light needs higher investment. This is the major reason why some people have never thought of purchasing it. They think about the money needed without being mindful of the long-term benefits and the durability of the solar street lights. Since they are non-wired, the risk of them being stolen is high. Also, the risks of theft are high because they are associated with higher monetary value, unlike traditional street light.

On the horizontal PV-panels, moisture, snow, and dust can accumulate. This can bring about the reduction or even the full stoppage of energy production. It is because of this that the Philips solar street light ought to be checked regularly, especially that which is installed in areas with severe weather conditions that can shorten or damage its life cycle. It has rechargeable batteries that need to be replaced once in a while within the fixtures’ lifetime. This increases the lighting system’s total lifetime cost. Like some components, there are chances of the rechargeable batteries being exhausted, and this is the reason why replacing them is included in the maintenance cost.

Now, you know both the advantages as well as disadvantages of Philips solar street lights, so, it is your responsibility to measure the overall benefits. Know the worth of investing in it. Nevertheless, the truth is that more people go for Philips solar street lights; therefore, you need to try them.

The solar street lights are made from Germany can meet all your lighting needs. Though, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing them. For more inquiries regarding Philips solar street light, contact specialists.

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