Residential complex nowadays is not only well equipped, fully-featured but also with beautiful surroundings, which deeply won the favor of owners. Among it, light design is particularly important in the complex. Lighting of residential complex is mainly divided into landscape lighting and road lighting.


1. Light design

Roads in residential complex is usually 3-5 meters wide and generally use the garden light with 2.5-4 meters for lighting, concerning on the maintenance work. To make sure brightness of the residential complex and its elegance during the day, garden lamp must coordinate with the architectural style of the complex. Therefore, this type of the lights can have more capability to seek for the overall aesthetic of the light design.

It is important to guarantee the safety and protection features of the light is perfect and avoid to install the garden lights with arm beside the towering trees. Lights should keep clean with protection level not below than IP33.


2. Selection of the light source

Residential complex is quiet and beautiful and should not use high pressure sodium lights. In general, cool color light source gives a feeling of peaceful and at the same time will not dazzled the residents at the bottom floors during the night, creating a graceful complex.


3. Arrangement of the light position

Residential complex lighting should avoid the influence to indoors. Under the condition of no shields, street lights must keep the windows at a suitable distance, cannot be too bright and try to arrange the lights to the other side of the road of residential building. Lawn and garden lights are generally use at the green space in the complex and will not use flood lights that cause the light pollution to the neighborhoods.


4. Electricity allocation and control of residential complex lighting

Lighting power distribution panel is placed at the center of the complex for the small residential area. It transmits power to the surrounding, have more branches and shorter transmit distance. Some larger residential complex uses more lighting equipment and adopts multi-spot transmission, as single power transmission spot will lead to higher power supply pressure. Multi-spot will not only solve the loss of buck but also simplified the pipeline network and is beneficial to the future maintenance.


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