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How is solar street light manufactured?

The effect of solar street light is clear and has been recognized by people from all walks of life. Therefore, there are more and more solar street lighting manufactures. The key of producing solar street lamp is whether the manufacturers have mastered the main technical issues. For manufacturers mastered in production technology, it produces have good quality in general.


1. The installation of the controller

Controller controls the entire life of the solar street lights, so the batteries must be installed properly in the production process of lamps. Controller of the batteries controls the entire electric power during the production process.

Whether it is discharging or electric energy recovery, it is controlled by the battery controllers. Therefore, battery should be carefully installed or install and it is therefore installation or else it will affect the operation of the lamp.


2. Installation of LED lights

LED lights is the main component for solar street lights to illuminate. If it does not illuminate when the other parts of the lamps are at normal state, there must be the problem in the installation of LED lights. When producing the solar lights, all LED lights should be inspected to ensure it is ready to install and use.

In addition, installation process should follow the standard operation and it must be installed in place so as not to influence the operation of solar light.


3. Solar street light: Selection of the battery

Battery determines the service of solar street lights. If battery with better quality is chosen, the service life of the outdoor solar lights will be longer under the normal usage. On contrary, effect of solar LED lights will be greatly reduced.


There are not many technical matters producing the solar street lights, the most important is to properly install the controllers, LED lights and select battery with good quality in order to ensure solar lamp operate normally. Moreover, extending the service life of solar post lights and with the standard maintenance in the later stage, it will not affect the operation of solar lighting.


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