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12 Top Solar Street Light Details That You’ll Never Forget

Solar Street Lighting is outside lighting unit used to lighten a road or open zones. Solar street lights works from sunset to sunrise specifically, the light automatically turns ON after the nightfall & turns OFF after dawn. These street lights work in remain solitary mode. The solar street light ought to be mounted in a shade-free place or region where straight daylight is accessible for the duration of the day.

the image displays solar street light details

1. Solar street light details


Street lighting framework comprises of SPV module, battery, luminary, charge controller unit, interrelating cables & pole.

SPV module

SPV module is fixed solidly over the pole with appropriate tilt & inclination in order to get supreme daylight for the duration of the day. The SPV module along these lines fabricates the appropriate current and voltage, which is utilized to charge the battery inward the battery box. This energy deposited in the battery is utilized to illuminate the lamp which is kept within the illuminator during the evening time.


The energy produced via SPV module is deposited in the battery is utilized to illuminate the illuminator throughout evening. Low upkeep cylindrical lead acid sort battery is generally utilized for road lights. The battery is retained within a battery box, which is set on to the post at a reasonable range starting from the ground for simple support and substitution.


SPV module and the illuminator are fixed on steel conduit at a statue of 4 meters over the ground.


CFL lamp or LED lamp is utilized to give lighting during evening times. CCU is joined in the luminary via its own.

Interrelating Cables

The illuminator, SPV module & battery are interconnected via the cables.

CCU (charge controller unit)

This unit is the core of the framework, which regulates the loading & discharging of the battery. CCU will enhance the battery life thru not enabling the battery to profound overcharge & discharge. Through profound discharge situations, the CCU will detach the light plus a red LED gleams on the illuminator specifying that the battery is down and requires charging. Whereas green LED on the light signifies that the battery is continuing charge. During overcharge circumstances, the CCU will detach the solar module and averts overcharging of the battery.

the image displays a solar street light details

A solar street light components

2. Go for first-rate of solar street light details

This implies you search for definite particulars which correctly build up how your solar street lighting framework will perform. A portion of these fundamental solar street light details that can educate you concerning the solar street light you expect to buy incorporate the accompanying.

Solar power system

These particulars ought to feature the sort and number of solar modules utilized in the exhibit. It must likewise disclose to you whether they are solitary or multiple crystal solar boards and about complete solar exhibit wattage.

Light level particulars

Regions that can be lit up ought to be indicated. More subtleties the healthier it is. Lighting consistency proportions can likewise be referenced. However, determining light levels as indicated by equivalency ought to be evaded from as it can lend to a few distinct understandings. Footcandle determination is superior and a quantifiable estimation of light.

Sort of solar light fixture

Remarkable attributes of light installations incorporate lumens per watt delivered, kind of lamping, light allocation designs, and light level distribution. Different subtleties of the solar light fitting may incorporate installation bracket arm and fixture mounting stature also.

System controller

This ought to incorporate a depiction of the daily arrangement of activity. It’s significant for guaranteeing that the solar street lighting framework meets a specific prerequisite. Sunset to sunrise isn’t sufficient data with adaptive lighting frameworks being setup.

Light pole

The light pole is similarly significant. Particulars should specify regarding the direct burial, anchor base, & steel, aluminum, composite and concrete. It must support the all-out weight of the solar street lighting framework incorporating the wind loads predictable in the region.


Kind of battery ought to likewise incorporate complete amp-hours of the battery and self-sufficient battery stockpiling which will guarantee solid all-year execution of the framework. Five evenings of capacity by the battery must be considered at least. Other remarkable highlights of the battery ought to relate to battery box mount, battery box, and other construction materials counting ratings if any.

Solar street light details advantages & disadvantages

Solar street lights offer the accompanying


  • Necessitate fewer frameworks for the establishment
  • Gives provision of movability
  • Proposes high lighting yield when contrast with the customary lights
  • Suggests long time span of usability and low upkeep
  • Recommends contamination-free ambiance
  • Needs less time for establishment and necessities less frameworks
  • Accompanies two-year full framework guarantee


  1. Introductory speculation is high when contrasted with the ordinary lights.
  2. The residue, snow or dampness can accumulate on the PV boards and subsequently lessens the energy production.
  3. The reloadable batteries should be supplanted a few times.
  4. Solar system charges moderately high, and thusly, the danger of robbery is higher.

the image displays a solar street light

Solar street light

Solar Street Light Details: Conclusion

DEL illumination co., ltd. has long periods of involvement with creating solar street light details frameworks. Their engineers will give you solar street light details such as lighting photometric simulations, formats explicit to your application & suitable framework setups for your local solar circumstances.

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