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How to carry out the regular maintenance of solar powered parking lights?

The regular cleaning and maintenance of solar powered parking lights are highly important because, over the course of time, they along with their solar panel system start to experience internal and external problems that can have any impact on their performance and overall lifespan. Similarity, experts always recommend carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning of parking lights in order to keep them operating with maximum efficiency. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a comprehensive process with the help of which people will be able to regularly maintain their solar powered parking lights as well as clean them for better user experience.

Supplies required to maintain and clean solar parking lights

In order to perform the process of regular maintenance and regular cleaning of solar parking lights, people will require a few supplies. A list of essential supplies is as follows:


  1. Ladder: The solar parking lights are usually installed at a height due to which it is not possible for workers to naturally reach them. Therefore, they will require a ladder for the purpose. We recommend that a ladder of an appropriate size should be available so that it is very convenient and safe for workers to reach the parking lighting system and perform the maintenance work.
  2. Tools and gadgets: Various tools and gadgets are available which makes it is convenient to test the working of solar lights. Therefore, an appropriate kit of tools in gadget should be available before performing the maintenance process. The kit may include testers, torch, cutters, holders, tape, patch, etc.
  3. Cleaning kit: In order to clean the parking lot lights, a comprehensive training kit will be necessary, which will include a number of different things that are helpful in performing the cleaning process. The kit will contain a cleaning agent, which has been recommended by the manufacturer of the lighting system for the purpose of removing dirt, dust, stains, etc. present on them. There will be brushes, sponge, etc., which will be able to remove hard stains present on the lighting system.
  4. Safety kit: A safety kit will be necessary, as it will enable the workers to perform the cleaning and maintenance work in a convenient manner. A basic safety kit should include a helmet, placeholders, dresses, gloves, special shoes, etc.


Tips for performing a comprehensive maintenance process for solar powered parking lights

In the section below, we will discuss a number of different processes that people can perform in order to properly maintain solar powered parking lights. The processes are as follows:

Cleaning the solar panel

One of the essential processes in the maintenance of parking lot lights is the cleaning of solar panels. Over the course of time, lots of dirt and dust start to accumulate on the surface of solar panels, which can reduce their efficiency. Therefore, it is important to wash the solar panels with the help of a cleaning agent and water on a regular basis. The workers can utilize a ladder in order to wash solar panels with the help of water early in the morning and cleaning agent if necessary. We recommend using only those cleaning agents, which the manufacturers have recommended.

Cleaning the solar lights

Solar lights also accumulate dirt and dust particles over the course of time, which may affect their performance. Therefore, people can also clean solar lights with the help of a duster for cleaning cloth. We only recommend using water or cleaning agent in case the lights are waterproof.

Checking solar panel and solar powered light for damages

In a parking lot area, solar panels and lights run the risk of getting damaged due to a number of different reasons. Sometimes, minor issues can occur and over the course of time, they can result in major issues. Therefore, while performing the maintenance process, people should always look for any minor damages in the system. In case, they detect any problem then they should perform the maintenance work and fix the problem.

Checking wiring and connections of the system

Due to changing weather conditions, solar lights and solar power systems suffer wear and tear.  The wiring and connections of the system may get affected over the course of time, which may have an impact on the performance of the system. Therefore, workers should regularly check the connections and wirings of the solar powered parking lights in order to ensure smooth operation for longer period.

Checking the status of the battery

The battery is one of the most important components of the solar power parking lot system. In case there is an issue with the performance of the battery then it will have a drastic effect on the overall performance of the system. Similarly, the battery has a regular basis due to which various issues can occur, which will have an impact on the overall health. Therefore, workers should perform regular tests in order to make an assessment of the health of the battery. In case there is any problem then they should take quick action in order to resolve the issue.

Batteries may also suffer corrosion over the course of time we will also affect their operation and performance. Therefore, workers should look for signs of corrosion and take immediate action when they spot it.

Check the positions of the fixture

The positions of the fixture and mounting of the solar lights should be checked on a regular basis because they may be replaced due to windy atmospheric conditions. In case, anything is not in its proper place then it will have any impact on the operation and performance of the system. Therefore, in case, workers spot any variation in the position of any component then they should take immediate measures.

Trimming trees and shrubs growing in the vicinity

In case, trees and shrubs are present in the vicinity then over the course of time their branches will reach the solar system as well. Therefore, we recommend trimming these branches so that they do not affect the lighting system.

Solar powered parking lights: Conclusion

The regular maintenance of the solar lighting system will play a significant role in optimising its operation and enhancing its life span. Similarly, it will also enable workers to notice minor issues at the beginning and fix them and hence keeping them from turning into major issues. Some of the essential processes workers should perform during the maintenance process include cleaning solar panels & lights, checking solar panels, lights, wiring, battery status, and the position of the fixture.



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