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How is the franchisee prospect of countryside solar street lighting?

As the improvement of construction of the new countryside, road lighting project will also be the focus of the new countryside construction. However, with various complicated phenomenon in the countryside, there are many difficulties in the countryside solar street lighting project.

For example:

  1. Investment issue on road lighting project
  2. The need to ground-breaking, excavation and occupy the place of peasant household is a complex installation and construction process. It can easily lead to a contradiction between the project and the villagers, which is therefore difficult to construct.
  3. Unable to solve the electricity expenses and result in electricity shortage even the construction completed, which cannot achieve the goal of the lighting project.
  4. Heavy workload and costly for the post-maintenance as well as the replacement of accessories and components.
  5. Energy consuming. Not able to save energy and cause the polluting environment.

the image displays street lights used in countryside street lighting

Countryside solar street lighting

Advantages of Franchising Countryside Solar Street Lighting

Franchising countryside solar street lighting offers several advantages that can lead to a successful business venture. Here are some of the benefits of franchising:

1. Increased Market Potential

By franchising countryside solar street lighting, a business owner can expand their market potential. Franchisees can operate in areas where the original business owner may not have access or knowledge. Additionally, franchisees can tap into local markets and develop relationships with customers that can lead to increased sales.

2. Established Business Model

Franchising provides access to a proven business model that has been tested and refined over time. This means that franchisees can avoid the trial-and-error process of starting a new business from scratch. The franchisor provides guidance on how to set up the business, manage operations, and market the product, thereby increasing the chances of success.

3. Access to Training and Support

Franchisees receive training and support from the franchisor, which can include instruction on how to install, maintain and repair solar street lighting systems. Franchisees can also benefit from ongoing support such as marketing assistance, customer service training, and access to the franchisor’s network of suppliers and distributors. This support can help franchisees build and grow their business faster.

4. Reduced Risk Through Shared Responsibility

By franchising, the franchisor shares some of the risks associated with the business. Franchisees can benefit from the established brand name, reputation, and systems that the franchisor has in place. This can reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of success.

Factors to Consider Before Franchising Countryside Solar Street Lighting

Before franchising countryside solar street lighting, several factors need to be considered to ensure a successful business venture. Here are some of the key factors to consider:

1. Market Demand and Competition

Before franchising, it is essential to research the market demand and competition for solar street lighting in the countryside. This research can help determine the potential market size, identify existing competitors, and determine the demand for the product. Understanding the market demand and competition can help determine the viability of the franchise and how best to position it in the market.

2. Available Resources and Infrastructure

The availability of resources and infrastructure is also a crucial factor to consider before franchising countryside solar street lighting. This includes factors such as the availability of suppliers and distributors, access to suitable installers, and the availability of suitable equipment and materials. It is also essential to consider the availability of support services such as logistics and marketing to ensure the smooth running of the franchise.

3. Financial Feasibility and Return on Investment

Another critical factor to consider before franchising countryside solar street lighting is the financial feasibility and return on investment. This includes analyzing the cost of setting up the franchise, ongoing costs, and the expected revenue streams. It is essential to ensure that the franchise is financially viable and offers a good return on investment to both the franchisor and franchisee.

Advantages of using solar street lights in a countryside solar street lighting project

the image displays a street light to explain the advantages of using street lights in countryside solar street lighting

However, countryside solar street lighting has a role of “celebrity” in new countryside construction. Advantage:

  1. Energy saving and environmentally friendly are the green lighting that the country strongly promotes.
  2. Comparatively easy to solve the issues on investment funds, for that it is an energy saving product and government provide support and special funds in many regions for this construction project.
  3. Less investment and have the same overall economic efficiency as conventional street lights.
  4. Simple construction, short construction period and not necessary to ditch and trench channels.
  5. No electricity expenses and always free power supply as it absorbs solar energy to generate power and light.
  6. Low or no maintenance required, as LED lighting have service life over 10 years.
  7. Beautify countryside environment and more appealing than traditional street lights, creating a beautiful landscape.
  8. Energy saving and environmentally friendly concept penetrate into the countryside, guiding villagers towards the awareness of energy conservation.

In summary, countryside solar street lighting has a broad market capacity. According to authoritative data, solar street light industry output value has reached 7.9 billion yuan in 2014 and it is estimated that it will reach 60 billion yuan in 2020 with countryside solar street light market accounted for 67%.


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