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How is the franchisee prospect of countryside solar street lighting?

As the improvement of construction of the new countryside, road lighting project will also be the focus of the new countryside construction. However, with various complicated phenomenon in the countryside, there are many difficulties in the countryside solar street lighting project.

For example:

  1. Investment issue on road lighting project
  2. The need to ground-breaking, excavation and occupy the place of peasant household is a complex installation and construction process. It can easily lead to a contradiction between the project and the villagers, which is therefore difficult to construct.
  3. Unable to solve the electricity expenses and result in electricity shortage even the construction completed, which cannot achieve the goal of the lighting project.
  4. Heavy workload and costly for the post-maintenance as well as the replacement of accessories and components.
  5. Energy consuming. Not able to save energy and cause the polluting environment.


However, countryside solar street light has a role of “celebrity” in new countryside construction. Advantage:

  1. Energy saving and environmentally friendly are the green lighting that the country strongly promotes.
  2. Comparatively easy to solve the issues on investment funds, for that it is an energy saving product and government provide support and special funds in many regions for this construction project.
  3. Less investment and have the same overall economic efficiency as conventional street lights.
  4. Simple construction, short construction period and not necessary to ditch and trench channels.
  5. No electricity expenses and always free power supply as it absorbs solar energy to generate power and light.
  6. Low or no maintenance required, as LED lighting have service life over 10 years.
  7. Beautify countryside environment and more appealing than traditional street lights, creating a beautiful landscape.
  8. Energy saving and environmentally friendly concept penetrate into the countryside, guiding villagers towards the awareness of energy conservation.

In summary, countryside solar street light has a broad market capacity. According to authoritative data, solar street light industry output value has reached 7.9 billion yuan in 2014 and it is estimated that it will reach 60 billion yuan in 2020 with countryside solar street light market accounted for 67%.


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