10 Things You Should Know About Best Solar Street Lights

It is easy to distinguish the Best Solar Street Lights from the rest if you know more about them.  The marketplaces are flooded with several models of different prices, reviews, materials, and a bunch of other characteristics.

There are ten things you should know about the best solar street lights. This information can be used as a buying guide when you want to pick the best from a variety of solar street lights.

1. The good solar street lights fit well

You will know that a piece of equipment or product is efficient when all components fit well where they need to be. Only the best solar street lights have the perfect fit. This shows that the device is firmly secured and therefore no

2. The good Solar Street Lights come with an Integrated design

An integrated design merges all the individual components to a unit that performs multiple functions. This makes the Best Solar Street Lights easy, quick to install. An all in one or semi-integrated Solar street light reduces the cost of selling the

3. The good Solar Street Lights are maintenance-free

The good solar street lights requiring little or no maintenance. This can only be achieved if the product is built using quality and durable material. Quality material offers excellent strength.  In most cases, you will only do occasional check-ups and cleaning, and that’s all.

4. The good Solar Street Lights have Built-in sensitive night and motion sensors

Best Solar Street Lights use Smart controls. These products have dependable operation since they do not need wiring.  The use of Built-in sensitive night and motion sensors enables the street light systems to make relevant adjustments to suit the illumination needs. These street lights have automatic systems that can turn on the equipment at dusk, turn it off at dawn or sense the ambiance of the surrounding dim or fully light the lamps.

5. The good Solar Street Lights use relevant Technology

Innovations in the solar industries are all tailored for clean energy and cost-saving. The use of High lumen LED, and Mono-crystalline solar photovoltaic panel in the Best Solar Street Lights serves to reduce the cost of use and maintenance.

Good solar street lights are equipped with an automatic, wireless control system (optical or time). Some are Bluetooth enable to the solar panels to be remotely controlled. The essence of having your street light remote controlled is to be able to adjust the installing angle to enlarge the lighting area and charging efficiency.

6. The good Solar Street Lights come from companies of good Reputation

Best Solar Street Lights come from companies that have long-term track records. They come from brands that are well known and reliable in the market. These are companies that dominate the industry in term of research and technology.

Though the market is flooded, it is still easy to identify reputable companies that make the Best Solar Street Lights. You will also find that their products are accompanied by lifetime warranties. Ensure you purchase a solar street light that lasts for more than 6 years owing that the average life span of LED street lights and battery are 6 years and that of solar panels ranges from 20 to 25 years.

7. The good Solar Street Lights use Quality material for excellent strength

Quality in Best Solar Street Lights comes in the form of corrosion resistance, anti-rust,  heat dissipation, and safety. For high performance, rugged aluminum material is used for the housing component. It is best if the solar panel has a conversion rate of 15% or more.

8. The good solar street lights have above IP 65 ratings

The IP ratings are used to rate the level of protection against intrusion and moisture (waterproof). The best solar street lights are totally dust-tight and fully protected from direct low to high-pressure waters jets from nozzles. Dust might settle on the solar panels and thus affect the development of solar energy.  Moisture protection tends to shield the equipment from rainwater from a storm.

9. The good Solar Street Lights use Eco-friendly and rechargeable batteries

Eco-friendly batteries in Best Solar Street Lights tend to use material or technology that does not pollute the environment. This ensures that the situation is conducive for human, flora, and fauna. The use of rechargeable batteries in best solar street lights ensures that you do not go out of energy especially in poor climatic conditions and prolonged rate of usage.

Most of the best solar street lights are pre-installed with lithium batteries that offer longer charging cycle compared to conventional batteries. They should provide a minimum of 5 nights storage to compensate for bad weather, hence reducing operation and maintenance costs. You should always go for a solar panel that can juice up the battery in less time.

10. The good Solar Street Lights Meets the demand of the client

Good Solar Street Lights have all that is required and expected by the client. Equipment that can be tailor-made to meet specific need of a client sell fast and are sometimes out of stock due to demand. For a solar street light to appear on your best list, they must be able to deliver what you need and want for your project.

Best solar street lights should offer you the type of light distribution that illuminates a big area and not a spot. The one you pick should provide you with enough brightness, lighting time, and lifespan.


Best Solar Street Lights: Conclusion

These are the ten things you should know about the best solar street lights. By considering all the factors above you are well assured that your solar street light will deliver Long life service.  Always remember to check the size and type of the battery, solar panel, and lamps. Although anyone with the right resources can develop solar street lights, without customer service and confidence in the product offered, then it does not fit to be one of the best.


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