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How to design an attractive night lighting?

Public space is the largest central area for people’s daily living, so the night lighting is also diverse. The lighting is designed according to the local illumination, function, feelings and other factors. The entire illumination should be suitable to the brightness and make changes in combine with the space’s structure to enhance the overall effect. It will lead to counterproductive or even destroy the attractions if you don’t understand the surroundings of the lighting environment.


Below, DEL Lighting will tell everyone how to design an attractive night lighting.


Plant landscape light for night lighting design

There are various of plant landscape lighting, and under lighting and upper lighting are the two most basic techniques. Under lighting refers to the illumination of the plants from top to bottom, increasing the natural expression of the plants. On contrary, upper lighting is to illuminate the plants from underneath. The effect of this lighting technique highlights the partially clear texture of the plants, making the plant’s outer contour more mysterious.


1. Water lighting for night lighting design

If the water body is relatively clean, underwater lighting can be used to highlight the clearness of the water. If the water body is too muddy, this lighting technique should not be used, or it will make the waterbody seem dirtier.


2. Sculpture lighting for night lighting design

The placement of sculptures is more flexible, so the effect of their night lighting must consider whether there is visual impact on pedestrians or interference with the surrounding residential areas. These issues should be all taken into account.


3. Attractive night lighting: Building lighting 

It is necessary to consider the building itself when designing the building lighting, as different building appearance will present different lighting effect. Some are more uniform, some light and shadow level is obvious, and the display of these effect is mainly depending on the attributes of the building itself. Exterior lighting design of the building not only should consider a part of the building, but also whether it matches with the surrounding scenery.


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