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The solar system street light price; knowing when to strike

Renewable energy is the future. Within a few years, it has grown greatly and has been seen to be used by many. The street light comes in two forms; the solar street light and the traditional street light. The former, however, is more preferable to the later. The reason is that traditional street light costs more as compared to solar system street light price, it is inconvenient and the process is so long. Also, you would have to think of the monthly electrical bill one has to pay. The process involves underground wiring, it involves drenching and so on. The cost of underground wiring is greater than the cost of installing a solar street light.

If you choose to put your street light in a usually wet area, the solar street light helps to minimize the effect on nature and it avoids areas that are below grade services and enclosures. However, when it comes to the solar system street light price, many are afraid to ask about the price of purchasing and installing a street light. It is impossible to know the price in advance to be able to make preparations for it.

For a 100W street light, it ranges from US$99-$180. The street light has many areas in which it can be used such as the pavement, walkways, gardens, highway, etc. Street light also comes in 4 types and they are LED lights, fluorescent, halogen, metal halide, and sodium. Many countries have joined in the replacement of solar lights. By joining in this moving train, you will save money and also energy.

Solar system street light price

The solar system street light price depends on the type you would want to acquire. For example, 100W solar street light has different prices. For some companies, you can get it for about $99 while other companies starting price is from $100 to $180. You would also notice that the cost of getting an LED light is more expensive than the fluorescent or the metal halide. The reason it is more expensive is that the LED light comes with a longer lifespan, it is estimated to be about 80,000 which is much higher than the other types of the street light.

The LED light is also much brighter and does not consume energy. This makes it the perfect option to go for. If you’re looking to save money long term, the LED light helps with that.

It is also important to know the before and after purchase cost, the cost for replacement and also the cost of electricity. The cost of the manpower would also be considered as it is also very important. Manpower would help to replace and install the solar system street light. For a street light pole, the estimated cost ranges from US$2000-$3000. The cost of the electrician who is to put up the street light costs about $1000. The price also doubles if the site for installation is by bridges or higher.

You might wonder why the price for installation is so high. The reason the price is high is that before installation occurs, they have to book the platform and labor and this is usually very expensive. The whole process is also time-consuming. Imagine you have to install a street light in each street with a distance of 3km. You also have to consider the blockage of the road which would cost enormous economical loss. Wouldn’t it be better to replace the street light with the one with a higher cost but a longer lifespan, higher brightness, and low energy consumption? It is better and helps you save money.

Imagine you buy a street light with very little lifespan, that means you would have to buy it yearly and undergo the installation process yearly. That would be a lot of money and you would notice that the amount you spend would be double the amount you would have spent if you had acquired an LED light. The $8000 you would spend for the installation process yearly would be saved as you do not need to re-install and you can use it for other meaningful things.

Price of electricity

After the installation has been successful, you would introduce the use of electricity and how much can be saved when calculating the power that would regularly be consumed each day. For example, there is a two-lane Express road that is 1km long, with a pole distance of 40m and makes use of 100W of LED street light, this produces a 40 LED working street light putting in consideration the average cost of electricity which is about $0.12 kW/h, this is just a reference. The estimated running cost that a street light accumulates is about $0.48 per hour. This estimate is when you make use of the LED light.

However, if you are using the metal halide, fluorescent or halogen, the running cost for electricity would be about $1.00 per hour if you want to produce the same brightness the LED light produces. This shows how cheap using the LED light is. To calculate the cost that 1km street light would cost for a day, that would be about $5.76 daily. So in a year, a total of $2,102.4 would be spent only on electricity.

However, if it is for the metal halide, halogen or fluorescent, $24 would be spent in a day and a year, $8,760 would be spent only on electricity. This estimates that have been stated here further shows how convenient and cheap LED lights are in the long run. The output that an LED light would give, other types of street light would not give it the same amount. More money would be spent to give the output that the led lights would give.

solar system street light price: Conclusion

Installation of solar system street light is quite expensive, but when you choose wisely, you would enjoy your money’s worth. Therefore, it is advised you go for what would help save your money while giving you an amazing output. For where to purchase a street light, DEL illumination are just the right source. They have tested and tried and have proved to be a reliable source.


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