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Discover The Top 7 Factors That Affect Solar Streets Light Quotation?

Technology makes it possible that street lights can work without electricity in this modern era. A solar streets light quotation can be different because of the quality and factors of its component. Solar streets light produce electricity themselves in daylight by using a solar panel. It accumulates the power into the rechargeable batteries.

This process repeats itself daily to create eco-friendly and cost-effective stand-alone solar light.

Solar LED street lights gained popularity in a couple of years. Because of their productivity, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. The latest innovations minimize the cost of solar power technology and hold their market worldwide. Its components also affect the solar street light quotation. Many suppliers and producers provide solar street light quotations for small and mega projects.

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Solar street lights

The main components of a solar street light 

We can see in everyday life that solar street lights are used to lightning outside when people visit the market to buy solar street lights. They feel trouble in choosing the best one because of the lack of information. Some people consider it a simple solar lamp.

How do solar street lights form? Solar streets lights consist of solar panels, light sources, batteries, intelligent controllers, etc.

Solar panels immense the sunlight and convert the solar light into electricity in the daylight. Rechargeable batteries store that electricity. After the sunset, at night, the stored energy in the batteries. Also, it gives power to the street lights for brightening.

Mainly this is suitable for that area where electricity is not available. Let’s discuss in detail the components of the solar street light.

the image displays the major components of a solar streets light

Components of a solar street light

  1. Solar street light panel

The solar panel absorbs the sunlight that becomes the energy source for producing electricity.

Generally, solar panels have two types polycrystalline and monocrystalline. That converts the solar power into electric power and then stores it in the batteries.

The polycrystalline solar panel is less compared to the monocrystalline solar panel. These solar panels fully absorb the sunlight and produce electricity. If a solar panel is blocked, it doesn’t produce enough energy.

  1. Battery

The solar photovoltaic power generation system’s input energy is volatile. Generally, we arrange the street light battery for its proper working. The battery’s primary purpose is to accumulate solar power and release electrical power.

In the daytime, the electric power accumulates using the solar photovoltaic module. In the nighttime, it releases according to the controller command.

Generally, gel batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries are used for solar street lamps. Good batteries should have the following benefits:

  • Long time working
  • Ability to do high charging
  • Good cycles of charging and discharging
  • low self-discharge rate,
  • The power of deep discharge

Generally, we fix the battery with a light pole or hide it underground. Its battery box provides safety in the ground battery. Also, it does not affect because of groundwater. Mostly solar street light manufacturers prefer lithium batteries because of their long life and without pollution.

  1. Smart Controller

A solar streetlight controller is an essential part of the system that controls solar streetlights. Usually, a good system works by connecting solar street lamps, solar panels, and batteries in a sequence. It performs different functions

  • It controls the input battery voltage
  • When there is no voltage in the battery, It increases the voltage to lighten up the solar street light
  • Adjust output power
  • Control the street light turn at the set time

Therefore, While purchasing the best solar street controller, you should consider the following points.

  • Battery power
  • Voltage of system
  • Power of lamp
  • Type of lamp
  • Solar LED lights

Nowadays, solar street lights are used as power-saving and induction lamps. Also, it is used as low-pressure sodium lamps and DLED sources of light. LED source of light is best because of its quality of light.

Solar LED street lights are suitable for their long life and the latest technology. Low-pressure sodium lights have high lighting power, but it’s expensive. Low energy voltage lamps have low power and high lightning power.

Factors to combine solar streets light quotation

Solar streetlights are commonly used streetlights all over the world. These lights lighten up the street, grounds, or roads at night. Furthermore, these lights are also used in the sensitive zone for monitoring.

However, all solar streetlights are not manufactured the same. Some solar street lights have good performance, efficiency, and advanced specification, and some have low. Specification of the street light depends on its usage. Where we require more light there, we use high-quality street lights. Otherwise, we use average-performance solar streetlights for lighting streets.

Therefore, solar street lights quotation depends on the specifications and quality of their parts while producing solar street lamps. Here we will discuss factors that affect solar street lights quotation.

Thus, this information will guide those who want to buy solar street lights. There are the following factors that affect the solar street lights quotation.

1. Technology

Technology is the most critical factor affecting solar street light efficiency and performance. There are various solar street lights in the market because of their performance and quality.

However, when solar street lamps produce the latest technology, the price will be higher than other lamps when LED technology is expensive in the streets.


2. Solar light with pole

Where we place the solar street light height of the solar power light pole also affects the price. The height of the pole affects the light. Because when the light reaches the ground, then it will spread.

Therefore, the street lamp with a good light rating will place to get proper light, which will affect the price. Simultaneously, If the pole height is more than its price, it will be more expensive than a small pole.

3. Solar lamp power rating

Nowadays, different power rating street lights are available in the market. Solar street lamp prices usually depend on their power rating. More power rating street lamps produce more light than the lower rating street lights.

Before purchasing street lights, people must know about the light and coverage area needs. Usually, a 15-16 watt power rating of solar street light is used on the street light.

4. Controller

Solar street light is generally available with a controller used to estimate the light intensity of natural light in the encircling. However, the high-quality controller also affects the price of a solar street light.

5. Maintenance cost

Because of some reasons we need maintenance that cost affect the price of the solar street light. To reduce maintenance, we need proper precautions that can also affect the cost of the system.

6. Fixture cost

when we want to fix solar street lights, we hire skilled labor. Comparably, we need colossal wiring to place solar street lights, which impacts the solar street light cost overall.

7. Waterproofing 

Waterproofing is essential for solar street lights. Rain can affect solar lights. If we want to make it waterproof, we use particular material that affects the cost of solar street lights.

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In short, we can say solar street light prices vary because of their components like size, quality, and performance. In addition, Its technology, maintenance, and placement cost also affect its rates.

We hire some skillful labor that uses professional tools to fix it or maintain the solar street light. Everything requires investment to keep its efficiency and work stable, affecting the solar street light quotation.

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For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours


For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


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