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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Street Lights South Africa

South Africa has an insolation value that ranges from 5 to 6.9. This means that there is plenty of solar energy that can be converted to power Solar Street Lights South Africa products. Besides, Solar energy is clean, environment-friendly, and endless.

The solar street lights product installation does not require trenching, cabling, and grid electricity consumption. In South Africa, solar street lights are an excellent investment for any private or public property usage. Solar street lights are suitable for Commercial or residential street lighting, car park illumination, and ideal for lighting highways and other roadways or streets.

Nature of Solar Street Lights

Some of the solar street lights in south Africa services use more than 50% of the local content, which supports the solar industry in the country. It is best to go for Solar street lights products and services. Products that are locally made provide the best results since they are tailored for that area.

Solar street lights products have high luminance, long lifespan, minimal maintenance, and easy installation. You will find all in one or fully integrated streetlight systems that merge the PV solar panel, solar charge controller and battery. They can be combined with human infrared sensors, and high-output LED of your preferred wattage, which ranges from 8 to 100 watts.

Design of Solar Street Lights

Most of the of Solar street lights in south Africa devices are split in design where the light source, the solar panel, and the battery are independent. There are modern designs such as the semi-integrated and fully integrated or all in one solar street lights.

Most of the solar street lights products are designed to illuminate a wide surface area. Their robust build allows them to function in extreme environments, especially during winter and summer months. Most of the solar street lights south Africa products are wind resistant. Some manufacturers have designed their solar street lights to withstand wind speeds of up to 200km/h.

Solar Street Lights Technology

What makes solar street lights south Africa products and services accessible is the use of next-generation technology that allows one to adjust angle and rotation of solar panel, for optimal charging of the battery, and LED light to suit the application. This eliminates all constraints with regards to lamp poles positioning.

The Solar street lights south Africa products use reflective technology. Deferent from refractive technology, the new technology provides the light that is focused on the area that needs illumination. There is no glare nor wasted light.

You do not have to physically switch on any Solar street lights south Africa products on sale. They come with the day or night sensors which enable the street lights to automatically switch on at dusk and off at dawn. Furthermore, you may find others that come with motion sensors that dim the light when there is little or no activity below the street light and turn to full power when movement is detected below it.

The Components of Solar Street Lights

The best solar street lights south Africa lighting fixtures come with high power LED modules of high Coloring Rendering Index (CRI). The use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs in solar street lights make it a profitable investment. You can get your Solar street lights south Africa fixture of wattage between the range of 20 to 120 watts. The lumens can vary from between 2400-14400lm. Many street lights in South Africa offer a color intensity of either 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K.

The solar street lights designs come with a lead-acid battery, free maintenance type. The battery is valve-regulated, fully sealed, and has deep cycled. These batteries are known to have a life span of between five and six years. Modern designs come with the Lithium-Ion Battery that can withstand higher temperatures and ensures a longer lifespan.

The Solar street lights products come with solar panels made of high-efficiency crystalline PV module. The thin-film solar panels are designed in such a way that they are immune to very high temperatures and extreme weather conditions such as hail.

The solar street lights products come with street poles that vary in height ranging from between 4 m to 12 m.  These poles are hot-dip galvanized and treated for corrosion to give it a lifespan of up to 20 years. The solar street lights features should fit on any pole or wall.

In the installation of solar street lights south Africa products, the light distribution depends on the height of the pole. Also, the more the height, the higher the wattage. For example, a four-meter pole has a power requirement of 20 watts, while that of 10m requires 120 watts to produce efficient lighting.

The Quality of Solar Street Lights

Most split solar street lights in South Africa come with galvanized and powder-coated finish. The finishing makes the street light materials corrosion-resistant. The solar streets may come in tubular or square-based designs and by SANS standards. The Solar panels are built per the IEC 61215 Standards.

The IP rating still applies in solar street lights equipment. The solar street lights come with IP65 Ratings or above. The rating tends to describe the level of waterproof of the product. In our case, these street lights are shielded from dust and jet water.

The warranty of Solar street lights products are applicable as per the component. Warranty is available for fixture, solar panel, controller, battery and pole. The warranty can get to as low as 2 years and as high as 5 years.

Solar Street Lights South Africa: Conclusion

The cost of installation of solar street light could be more than the traditional on-grid s street lights mainly because of the expensive nature of the batteries, solar panels, and technology used. However, the benefits of solar street lights are long-term.

Solar street lights south Africa equipment provides a more cost-effective solution with less maintenance. Solar streets are not only satisfactory, but they can also exceed your expectations in terms of lighting outdoor space. Generally, Solar street lights south Africa installation is all about environmental and cost-saving gains.

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