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The Amazing Facts About Solar Street Lights Australia

Several things make solar street lights in Australia to be famous. When selecting solar street lights, such things, for instance, durability, battery’s life, solar panel, ought to be considered for you to get what will meet your lighting needs. When choosing the best solar street lights, the following ought to be considered:

Installation Rules

When installing solar street lights Australia, there are certain installation rules that you must adhere to the length of the pole, wind loading, fixture brackets, and many more. When installing your lights, appropriate pole ought to be used. What is more, wind loading ought to be considered to determine whether the street lights will effectively work in areas prone to harsh weather conditions. In Australia, there are places where the street lights are expected to have a particular size, and this must be adhered to.


Shading is of great significance as far as installing solar street lights Australia is concerned. You need to know the kind of environment in which you are planning to install your street light. According to experts, it is recommended that they need to be installed in places where they can get sufficient sunlight. It is through this that they can easily receive solar energy and charge their batteries in addition to ensuring that fixtures are working effectively, especially at night. Moreover, it is recommended to install tall solar street light poles.

How Solar Street Lights Work

It is important to know that most solar street lights in Australia are made of photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight, during the day, for solar energy. Solar energy is then converted into electrical energy, by photovoltaic cells, which is stored in the solar street batteries. The stored electricity automatically starts up the street lights at night.

Significance of Solar Street Lights

In Australia, people are purchasing solar street lights for different reasons. Solar street lights are the best alternative if you are looking for long-lasting power-saving options. They conserve natural resources since they do not pollute the environment. They have been eliminating or reducing the use of other power sources, such as electricity. What is more, they are practical alternatives for these reasons:

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • Reduce risks of accidents since external wires are not used.
  • They do not pollute the environment.
  • They can be used anywhere, even in remote regions.

Solar Street Lights Models

Solar street lights Australia is designed in various styles, sizes and shapes. Their installations cover several uses incorporating lighting for mine sites, streets, parks, car parks, etc.

Superior features of Street Lights

  • High intensity.
  • In-built system regulators for harsh environments.
  • Light weight.
  • Ruggedized housing for harsh environments.
  • Efficient charging and discharging using batteries with LED light protection.

Hybrid wind and solar street lights

In Australia, hybrid winds and solar street lights installation are highly recommended in areas that do not have power, electricity. Also, they can be used in areas with temporary lightings. Therefore, before purchasing solar street lights in Australia, it is important to consider the exact location of their installation.

Types of Solar Street Lights in Australia

Accent Street lights: these solar street lights in Australia are meant for decorative purposes. They are known for providing soft glows and come in different botanical elements-shapes, for instance, animals or plants. Some have water features, i.e. fountain is fixed into the light fixture.

Path lights: these solar street lights are meant for sidewalks, pathways and walkways. For tripping to be avoided, they are always low to the ground. They produce brighter light as compared to other kinds of street lights. There are also instances in which they can be installed into the existing pathways.

Lamp posts: These kind of solar street lights Australia are tall and suitable for lighting bigger spaces, i.e. driveways, more brightly.

String lights: These solar street lights Australia are similar to the traditional Christmas lights.  They are easy and simple to wrap around different things, such as tree trunks.

Floating Lights: Individuals with ponds or pools in their yards ought to consider installing this kind of lighting since it will give a soft glow, which reflects off the water to give beautiful effects.

Solar Street Lights Australia: Conclusion

Since several things make solar street lights to be famous in Australia, you need to ensure that you get one that meets your lighting needs. When purchasing the solar street lights in Australia, be sure of the exact place where they will be installed. They ought to be placed where they can easily access sunlight without difficulties. They ought to get solar energy for about eight hours a day for them to be effective in producing enough light at night. Since there are several kinds of street lights and all of them, have various purposes, knowing what your lighting needs can be advantageous.

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