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Here are 5 Things People Are Saying About Solar Street Lighting System

These days, the solar street lighting system has become popular for several reasons. According to several people, cost-saving and efficient lighting is among the factors that have made it famous. The solar street lighting system can convert solar energy into electricity, apart from it being easy to install and giving high-intensity light output. It does not require to be switched on and off for it to work. The system is known for automatically operating throughout the night.

The solar street lighting system has the following

Solar panel: This is also known as a photovoltaic cell that depends on solar energy. It converts solar energy into electric energy and electricity is ever used to run various applications.

LED Light: The light that solar street lighting system uses LED to emit brighter light. It consumes low energy. Just one LED is known for emitting less light, unlike compact incandescent or fluorescent. Nevertheless, several LEDs can provide brighter light as compared to other lamps.

Rechargeable battery: the fact that the solar street lighting system has batteries, it is possible to store electric energy during the day and providing it at night.

Controller: Solar street lighting system uses the controller to control the switching on and off of the street lights. Also, it is responsible for controlling the batteries from overcharging and discharging. It is made of a battery charger, MCU and secondary power supply, etc.

Pole: For some components of the solar system to be mounted, i.e. panel, a pole is needed.

Interconnecting cables: In a solar street lighting system, there is a solar panel, LED light and battery box and they are mounted on the pole, at the top. Interconnecting cables are used to connect such components. Also, the cable’s size is based on the current, the amount of current being used and the size of the pole.

the image displays a solar street lighting system

components of a solar street lighting system

Solar Street Lighting System Applications and its Uses

Airport Lighting

Several airports prefer solar street lighting system since they are not difficult to install. Solar street lights do not have conventional electricity expenses. Apart from them just being installed at several runways, they are portable. Also, the maintenance of the system is always done once in a while. At night, the solar street lights are preferred for safe aircraft operations.

Roadway and Highway lighting

The solar street lighting system is easy to install. People believe that the risks of accidents have been minimized since the lights do not need external wires for its electric connections. These solar street lights can be mounted on highways and roadways where electricity is a major issue. The lights are meant for providing clear visibility for the drivers and pedestrians. At night, high-quality solar street lighting system is known for beautifying urban areas without any pollution.

Playground and Park lighting

The solar street lighting system is highly recommended for playground and park lighting needs since it assists in lighting pavilions, parking lot, signs and trails. Street lights can be installed at any place in the park or playground, because they are independent of a grid, to provide proper lighting. The lights offer safety for kids in the playground and also to officials to ensure that the area is secure at night. Solar street lights can be installed in the stadium to provide high powered lighting, which is also known as a floodlight, at minimal maintenance and low cost.

Commercial lighting and industrial lighting

The solar street lighting system is known for having an exceptional storage system that makes it possible for it to provide light for three consecutive days without a recharge. The fact that industrial areas are larger in term of size, it means that their outdoor lighting requires a large amount of electric energy. During the solar street lights installation, the cost of the connection wires will automatically reduce, and its maintenance cost lowered.

Outdoor security lighting

Solar energy, which is converted into electricity, has made it possible for the solar street lighting produce sufficient light for security purposes. Consequently, the system is assumed to be the best option for security purpose since it does not need electricity for it to provide light at night since, during the day, the sun is ever producing the required energy. When any motion is sensed, the solar street lights automatically turn on. They can effectively operate during the harsh weather conditions to produce reliable lighting.

Solar Street Lighting System: Conclusion

The solar street lighting system can be used in different areas, for instance, hospital parking, residential lightings, and parking lots. It is easy to install solar street lights, though they are known for providing high power lighting, unlike conventional lightings. The system also offers minimal maintenance and does not pollute the environment. The only expensive aspect of solar street lighting is its initial investment. Only moisture, snow and dust have been hindering the energy production; during sunlight, much solar energy is stored and eventually used to produce light when the weather does not favor the production of solar energy.


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For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours


For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


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