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How to Choose Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor

Choosing solar street light with motion sensor will make you realize that there are several models, features, and brands of street lights in the market. Therefore, do you know how to choose one that meets your needs? When purchasing solar street light with sensor, you need to examine the following specifications:

Range Capacity

For the sake of increasing home or street security, installing solar street light with motion sensor is a cool idea. It is easy to install, and they will automatically alert you when a strange person is sneak into the house. The fact that you intend to detect intruders or guests that might be coming out of your main entrance, porch or garage, the sensing angle and coverage distance is important. The street light ought to effectively detect movement at a far distance and from different angles. The street light’s distance rage is significant when determining if outdoor security lights can detect strangers within your compound.

Light Intensity

The amount of light generated by the street light with motion sensor ought to be considered, especially if it is used as a source of light in a given area. For the light intensity between various outdoor security lights to be quantified, the unit lumens ought to be used as a reference.

Battery Capacity

Street light with motion sensor’s capacity of the lithium-ion battery is a significant thing to consider. This deeply influences the time that solar street light will work overnight. Batteries with higher capacities tend to work for more hours without solar energy. For the street lights with dim mode feature, batteries with higher capacity are important.

Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor: Flexibility

The best street light is one that can easily rotate. Ease of installation, together with modes of operation is also important. The best solar street light with the sensor should have several modes of operation, for instance, continuous light, motion detection, and dim mode.

Estimated Lifespan

The lifespan of the solar street light with motion sensor is also important. Solar street lights with longer lifespans are trustworthy brands and guarantee few replacement and maintenance cost.

What is the Cost of Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor?

The amazing thing with the solar street lights is that they are somehow cheap. The price of solar street light with motion is based on the manufacturer, brand, battery capacity, lumens, and other features. Averagely, the price of a single top solar street light with motion ranges from $20 to $40. When you compare the price of such a street light and its lifespan, you will realize that it is cheap. There are chances of getting some brands offering two packs for the same price. This is okay because this is determined by motion range, solar light’s size, light intensity capacity, and many more features.

Does Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor Make Your Business or Home More Secure?

Unquestionably! Most criminals are scared by a super bright light in the dark. Installing the brightest solar street light with motion criminals will be deterred to reach your home because the motion sensor will be detecting an individual approaching your home and activate your security lights. It is advisable that, outside your home, you should have some light active since it makes a criminal think twice. If you enjoy flying flags outside your property, you should consider purchasing a solar street light with motion for the flagpole that is in your yard.

The street light with motion sensor can illuminate different areas of your home with enough light for facial recognition at a distance of 30 feet. Also, when the motion sensor is combined with a camera, you can instantly record as well as recognize the faces of the unwary criminals that can be sneaking around your business or home.

Also, people approaching your business or home at night will feel safer, even when it is not meant security since there is a bright light. Installing this street light gives more rooms for visitors to visit your home or business at night.

How Durable is the Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor?

The response to this question varies based on various factors: modes of operation, lifespan, and battery capacity. The amount of energy that a solar can store is determined by the battery capacity, and so, this determines the time that the lights of the solar street light with motion sensor will last. Averagely, most street lights’ sensor light can last for 8-12 hours, and this is enough for a night.

The mode of operation of the solar street light with motion sensor determines the use of LEDs. If you settle for just a sensor mode of operation, there are greater chances of the street light lasting much longer, unlike the continuous light mode.

Lastly, high-quality solar street light with motion sensor’ lifespans ranges from 3 to 5 years.



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