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Why Solar Street Light with Battery Are Common

 In several cities all over the world, solar street light with battery is commonly used. It is used because it reduces electricity costs together with greenhouse emissions using solar lighting technologies. In different applications, the solar street lights are considered to be economically viable options. It is for this reason that some business people believe that such a solar street light is what they need.

There are several ways in which solar street light can enhance businesses. Because of this, more people and countries are looking forward to using such street light. Solar street light with the battery has a solar panel that absorbs solar energy, which is then converted to produce electric energy for some days. Unlike the traditional street lights, solar street lights are known for saving electric energy, in addition to reducing the electric energy’s consumption, without human intervention, when no individual passes.

Moreover, in solar street light, the battery is meant for capturing surplus electricity that solar PV system has generated, to allow the storage of solar electricity for later use. This article highlights the major features that need to be considered when choosing solar light with batteries.  Solar street lights with batteries use battery chemistry, for instance, lithium-ion battery chemistry. There is a need for integrating the lithium battery in the solar lighting products since it is associated with enhancing your purchase’s return on investment.

Why Lithium Batteries with Lithium Are Recommended for Businesspeople

For a long period, lithium is known to be reliable battery technology. Lithium batteries can be used in cameras, electric cars, mobile devices, etc. they can also be used for, in some electric grids, energy storage. This suggests that they have a lot of benefits, unlike the traditional batteries, for instance, lead. The following are some reasons why solar street light with battery ought to use lithium:

High-Temperature Tolerance

High temperatures make solar street light with battery to reduce its service life. Nevertheless, unlike on the lithium batteries, high temperatures have a more significant impact on traditional batteries.  High temperatures, more than 20ºC can reduce the lead batteries’ lifetime rapidly, whereas lithium batteries can accommodate temperatures of up to 45ºC. This suggests that lithium batteries have low chances of being affected by high temperatures. In other words, this reduces the possibilities of the business people to repair or maintain their solar street lights.

Low-temperature tolerance

Both lead and lithium batteries are known for losing significant energy capacity in areas associated with cold weather conditions. Nevertheless, when a solar with battery use lead, the effects are likely to be more severe. At -20ºC, the lead battery’s significant energy capacity can be reduced to about 30%. With the same discharging conditions, the lithium batteries can retain about 82% of their significant energy capacity. Therefore, if you are a business person in a region with very cold weather, purchase solar street light with battery; lithium battery can be the best option.

Turnaround Cycle Efficiency

The effectiveness of the battery determines the solar street light with battery’s turnaround efficiency, during the charge and discharge period. Lead batteries are known for having a turnaround cycle efficiency of about 75%; only 750Wh can be received back to power the solar light if they are charged with 1000Wh. This suggests that 25% of the system efficiency will be lost. For such a case, the solar street light ought to have not less than 25% more efficient solar panels for the same load to be powered. Under such conditions, the solar street light with battery seems to be expensive for a businessperson.

Also, for business people, it is important to note that competitors are not responsible for compensating the turnaround cycle efficiency; hence, resulting in making power less available for the street light fixture. This brings about lower initial prices of solar street lights, but with high repair and maintenance cost in the future.

Discharge cycles and Depth of discharge Tolerance

There is a way in which the Depth of Discharge is related to how deep the battery of the solar street light drains. The deeper the discharges of the solar street light with battery, the fewer discharge cycles; hence the service life of the battery will be shorter. Lithium batteries are known for easily being discharged up to 95%, while lead batteries cannot go beyond 50%.

Solar Street Light with Battery: Conclusion

Though the price of the solar street light with battery (which uses lithium battery) might be considered to be the best option, its own cost is lower as compared to that of the lead-acid, when performance and life span is taken into consideration. There are several kinds of solar street lights with battery, knowing the type of battery that will work best for your street lighting and that which will be economically friendly as far as doing your business is concerned is important.

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