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What solar street light specification should you go for?

Solar street light specifications are important for various reasons. One reason is that they really decide how long and how durable your solar street lights would turn out to be at the end of the day. It would also help you to gauge the prices which you would have to dish out in an effort to get the solar street lights of your dreams. Having your solar specification is important and that is why we would consider the solar light specifications you should aim at. Let’s start with your batteries


Your panels are pretty much the basic unit of your solar street light. The function of your batteries is to bail your street light out in terms of need. In other words, your solar street light would sometimes face situations where there would not be enough sunlight during the day to allow it function well at night. It is then the function of the battery to use the energy that has been stored up in it to produce the light that is used for the time being.

The normal recommendation that most people give is that you should go for a battery which would last you for about three days in the event of bad weathers or other unpreventable situations. However, going for a battery that lasts for more than five years would be a more suitable choice. Not only it is going to be great value for your money, but you also would probably not need a battery for the next 10 years as the five to seven years is simply a guarantee.

When it comes to batteries, most people try to avoid batteries that are made from lead-acid. These batteries are really everywhere. However, they do not have the right specifications and would usually fade with time. So make sure that you take notice of the substantial elements of the battery which you want to get

LED or Normal lights

Now, another thing which you would have to consider would the type of fixures which you would want to get. This would depend on a number of factors. The first one would surely be your budget. If you have a large budget, then you would surely be looking to go with a more advanced lighting system and vice versa. The LED lights are often seen as the better options because of the abilities which they offer.

One of them is better directional abilities. The LED lights are largely considered to better at focusing their lights in any direction that they would want it to go. This means that the ability to brighten up a particular area with accuracy is expected with the LED lights. Another area which it triumphs would be a potent nature of the lights. They are considered to be more potent. When this is combined with the fact that it gives more lighting and consumes less energy, there is only ever one clear winner.

However, it is important to note that while the LED lights are up there unchallenged, other forms of lighting would still do a decent job. So if your budget does not have you to get an LED light, then you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it.

Integrated solar system or not?

Another big one would be the option to go with the integrated solar street lights or stick with the ones where you have to assemble them by yourself. The advantages which the integrated solar street lighting has over the normal solar street lights are numerous. One of the reasons includes the ability to perform a very fast installation. This is because most of the components which would have taken long periods to fix up are now fixed inside the solar street lights even before they are purchased.

Another reason why integrated solar street lights would also make sense to purchasers is because of the cost-effectiveness. Most components which are not yet fixed would require you to either take care of it yourself or have some experts come around to fix it. Either way, you are burning either precious time or money. If you wish to get one, then you would surely love the all in one solar street lights which are produced by DEL Illumination. They also have other forms of integrated solar street lights which would include the all in two solar street lights. No matter what you choose though, you would be able to enjoy your solar street lights.


Apart from the specifications which have been mentioned above, another thing which you would have to keep an eye on would be the producers of the solar street lights. Going for a producer who really put in work to make the perfect solar street lights would end up being a happy experience for you. However, if your producer does not a bad job on your solar street lights, then no matter the specifications which it comes with, it would end in a bad light. So make sure that you have the right manufacturers for your lights.

solar street light specification: Conclusion

Solar street lights are one of the best innovation that we have had in the industry of solar energy. To properly harness it, you would have to make sure that you get the solar street lights which are considered to be just right for you. This would often include knowing their specifications and choosing your manufacturers carefully. DEL Illumination are one of the better producers around. Getting your solar street lights from them can be considered to be a good plan


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