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The Miracle of Solar Street Light Project

The solar street light project has become the best and new substitute for traditional street lights, for instance, MH, HPS, or LPS street lights. Unlike the conventional incandescent lights, solar street lights are associated with several advantages: they are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient. Because of the most recent technological LED illumination’s advancement, this green alternative is assumed to be the best for the outdoor lighting.

The working method of the solar street light project is: sunlight is absorbed by the solar panel and then converts it into electric energy to drive the street light. The whole system has a solar panel, solar street lighting controller, street lighting, pole and battery. Because of various weather conditions in various regions, together with various requirements from various markets, the specification of the parts of the solar street lighting depend on these factors:

  • Average daily sunshine hours.
  • Solar system’s backup days during harsh weather conditions, i.e. rainy days.
  • Solar system’s working times per night.

The Greatest Significance of Solar Street Lighting is Money

We will start with the juicer details. Solar energy for solar street light projects seems to be expensive because of the solar panel, the controller, the battery and other elements that cannot be found in the traditional lighting. Therefore, the solar street lighting’s up front cost can be somehow steep. But if you consider the traditional lighting, there are often pricings, which wiggle their ways into bills that are not scrutinized; this can be in the form of the trenching for the electric wires.

Also, this can be coupled with labor costs, and this will make you realize that traditional lightings are pricier. Upon setting the solar street light, you will probably forget about its maintenance. In other words, it is associated with less repair and maintenance costs because the chances of it getting damaged are low.

Solar Street Light project have Longer Lifespan

In the past decades, any solar street light project is always done with durability in mind. Some are rated to have a lifespan of not more than 100,000 hours and averagely, the batteries can last for five to seven years. The light poles and solar panels can last for two decades. This suggests that you are investing in a project that will pay for itself after some time. Also, solar street lights, with LED, have a durability that is five times that of the traditional street lights and even longer as compared to other lighting technologies.

the image displays components of a solar street light project

 Solar Street Lights Reduce Pollution

According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory, if the whole world can consider having a policy of sola being the energy solution, the adoption of the solar street light project can bring about a significant reduction of Sulphur dioxide, health-harmful emissions, and nitrous oxides in the atmosphere. Also, it is through this that pollution and land degradation as a result of fracking and drilling have been reduced. The Carbon Dioxide being emitted by almost all street lights is almost the amount of the annual emissions of about 25 million vehicles in the United States.

This suggests that pollution has been affecting us more than how we perceive, though solar has been significantly better as far as public health and the environment are concerned.

Solar Street Lights Encourages Community Security

The solar street light is known for providing enough visibility at night because of the high powered LED bulbs in the fixtures. In the community, this solar street lighting solution has increased security, enhanced safety, and deterred crimes in addition to saving money because of reduced vandalism. Research shows that the installation of the street light in different parts of the cities, i.e., Ney York, has managed to reduce the crime rate by about 40%. Companies, schools and rural businesses have been victims of such vandalism as well as theft, though these have been solved because the commercial lighting systems have been boosting security where and when it is needed.

Solar street light project is versatile for different public areas, for instance, streets, commercial areas, residential localities and parking lots.

 Solar Street Light Project is a High Technological System

A solar street light that is made of the mono-crystalline panel is known for being an effective street lighting solution. The most recent lighting fixtures, for instance, NSDB Pro and GS-260 pro, are more efficient, unlike the previous models. Solar street lights also have lead-acid batteries that can last for almost seven years. There are several best quality equipment for street lights on the market, and after a few years, engineers have been coming up with ways on how they can improve their costs and efficiency. If a new model is released in the market, be assured that it is better than the previous.

Solar Street Light Project: Conclusion

There are several advantages associated with solar street light project, and if they are appropriate, amazing results can be experienced. Its greatest significance is money: it is cheap to maintain it. It has a longer lifespan and known for reducing pollution. Apart from being a high technical system, it encourages community safety.

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