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How to design a solar street light project pdf

Solar Street Light Project pdf:

Solar street lights are often considered to be a massive trending innovation in the solar energy industry. This belief is said to have been consolidated by the reports of the market changes that are set to hit the industry altogether. It is believed that the market is set to increase to more than $20 billion and the solar street light is set to hit $15 billion by the time 2024. This makes designing a solar street light project all the more important if you are looking to delve into the solar street light project. Are you looking to create a solar street light project pdf? If so, how can you effectively design a solar street light project?

Here are a few of the things to consider;

Location or area

Your solar street light project would only turn out to be a success if the area which you are targeting is actually in need of solar street lights. This is the first step which you would need to take. Knowing the area or the location that is in grave need of solar street lights would allow you to plan effectively with the location in mind.

You should also consider some other factors such as the importance of street lights in that area. Knowing these would ensure that your design fits your project perfectly.

Grid or not?

Now, when designing your solar street light, you would also need to figure out if you want to use the rid that produces electricity or not. This means that you would have to see if the area which you intend to supply or use has electricity. If your plan is to have your solar street light connected to the grid, then there may come a need for you to get the electricity lines from your power suppliers.

However, if the area which you plan on using is too far off, you might be much better off actually using the off the grid method.


One of the most important parts of your project would be choosing your lighting and this would be important for obvious reasons. Choosing the wrong lights could put a bad taste on a project which was performed exceedingly well. So make sure that you get this part right.

There are a number of factors which you would need to take in to make sure that you get it head-on. You would have to consider if the sky in that area is always bright or dark. In other words, you would have to take in the climate of that region. You would also have to take in the duration of time which your lights would have to stay on. Is it an area where the street lights would function from sunset to sunrise? Would you be able to save some more energy by dimming your lights in the middle of the night or is that the time when the area gets busy and people hit up the night clubs?

To make sure that their lighting is great, most people would usually look to go for the LED lights. The LED lights often offer up an advantage as most of the lights would have great positioning and would be much more potent than other forms of lighting. Again, it all depends on you and what you wish to get out of the solar street light project pdf you are working on.

Take in your options and your budget

Yes, a sensitive part of your entire plan would be your budget. Really, you can only spend what you have and this would have a heavy impact on how much you can stretch your budget. Solar street lights would usually be the recommended option when considering your budget for some many reasons. The first would be that it would cost you so much less in the long run. This is because solar street lights are generally very easy to maintain. It is also very easy to pick out the faults pretty quick because the system and solar street lights are usually very independent.

A second reason why they would be the cheaper option for your project is that it really does not need cables or more energy. With the use of electric street lights, the need to connect to the grid would no longer be optional but very much mandatory. However, before you commit to your project, make sure that you consider all the options as it would really be your choice at the end of the day.

Integrated or non-integrated

Because solar street lights are everyday evolving, there is always new innovation which you can play around with. One of them would be the integrated solar systems for street lights and normal street lights. The integrated solar street lights is often preferred because all the parts which would need to be assembled would usually come with it. However, one drawback would be that you would usually have to spend more to get it as it would usually be on the higher side of the table when it comes to solar street lights.

A great example of integrated solar street lights would be the all in one solar street lights which are produced by DEL Illumination. This innovation has left its users breathless and happy with the final product. Getting their products would be a fantastic choice on your part. Other little things which you would have to think about would include the form of solar panels which you would use and the protective measures which would be employed to ensure that it is get away from harm.

solar street light project pdf: Conclusion

Your solar street light project pdf form would surely come out as exciting to any investor which you want to present when you have taken in the most important parts of your project. Making sure that adequate planning would do more than drawing investors. It would also mean that your project would turn out to be a complete hit, one that you would be remembered for indefinitely. DEL Illumination would be the perfect place to get your solar street lights for your project. You would have so much more confident using our products.


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