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Solar street light ppt: Components and why they matter

Streets, roads, and walkways with streetlights are the finest when it is cloudy, raining and especially at night. They make the street glow, look bright and of course beautiful. The advantages of a working street light at night cannot be underestimated as it helps one see the danger ahead, the pedestrians using the streets, the stone right in from of you which you would have struck your leg against and others including adding brightness and color to pictures.  As effective as the solar street light ppt is it would interest you to know the components which make up the street light and why these components matter. So here are the components and their uses.

 The pole

The light pole is one of the first things you notice when you set your eyes on a street light. It is that long rod that holds every other component of the light. As a result of the numerous roles that the pole plays the pole must be strong. This is because

  • The panels, fixtures and sometimes batteries would be fixed to the pole and.
  • it has to be strong enough to withstand the wind

Solar panel

The solar panel is one of the most important parts of the street light. It is the solar panel which converts the light energy to electric energy which is then turned on at night or on a cloudy or rainy day by the lamp. The solar panel is of different sizes and capacity. There are two types of solar panels. They are

The difference between the two types of a solar panel is that the mono-crystalline has a higher conversion rate than the poly-crystalline. So if you want a solar panel that has a higher conversion rate, buy a mono-crystalline type of solar panel. However, if you prefer a normal conversion rate, poly-crystalline is the one you should get.

Also, just as the sizes of the solar panels are different, the watts preferred could be different. Some solar panels can last longer than others. This is because of the wattage. So when buying a solar panel, confirm the wattage is the right one you need to serve the purpose you have in mind.

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are also part of the component of the solar street light. The battery has to be rechargeable so that when the sun comes shining, the batteries can be charged and reserve a lot of energy which would be put to use in the night time. When it comes to solar street light batteries, there are two types which are mostly used. They are

  • lead-acid batteries and
  • Gel cell deep cycle batteries.

One problem which many solar street lights face is theft. The report has shown that there is a high theft rate of batteries. As a result of these, many persons have resulted in the use of lithium-ion batteries. This is because these batteries are compact and as a result are not prone to theft.

Regardless of the battery you decide to purchase, it is important to have in mind that the strength of the battery would determine how long the street light would remain on.

The controller

The controller is also a very important part of the street light. Have you ever wondered who or what turns on and turns off the street light? Some persons have concluded that there must be someone in charge of turning off and turning on the street light at the right time.

It would interest you to know that the controller is responsible for switching on and switching off of the light. The controller is an automatic control that which switches on the light when it detects that it is raining, cloudy or nighttime. Many persons have once thought that there is a human somewhere doing the work of control or turning off and turning on the lights when the time is right for it. Well, there is no human anywhere, it is the controller doing the automatic work. .where there is no controller, there would be nothing switching the light off during the day and on during the night and during cloudy and rainy days.


Cables are also very important. The cables are used to connect various components. The cables are used to ensure that solar energy and electricity energy is channeled to the places. The length, quantity, and size of the cables to be used are to be determined by the size of the pole and the distance between each of the component in the street light. The power or capacity of the batteries would also determine the size of the cable that would be used during the connection or fixing process of the street light.

The LED fixtures

LED is another component of the street light. LED lights are modernly used as the primary source of lighting. They provide a higher level of luminosity and consume very little energy. Thereby allowing for a reserve of batter. When compared to other fixtures, LED fixtures were discovered to be at least 50% lower than its counterpart which is the widely used HSP fixture. For additional efficiency, The LED allows for an extra feature which is known as the motion detectors. This motion detector is put into use when there is a lack of warm up time.

Solar street light ppt:  Conclusion

With this solar street light ppt, you will find the basic components of solar street lights and the major reasons why they matter. In the absence of any of these components, the street light would not be as efficient as it is supposed to be. Where one of these components has grown faulty, it must be either changed or repaired to maintain the street light and enhance its efficiency.

To purchase quality parts or components of a solar street light, follow this solar street light ppt. You can be assured that you won’t be disappointed. So, reach out to us at DEL Illumination today.


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