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4 Key Considerations Before Investing in a Solar Street Light Post

Do you currently own a solar street light post? If not, let’s explore why now is the opportune moment to invest in this groundbreaking technology. Solar technology is one of the fastest-growing segments in the world. Allied Market Research estimates that by 2026, the global solar energy market will grow to $223.3 billion. With the escalating demand for renewable energy sources across the European Union, America, China, and beyond, solar-powered lighting systems emerge as the ideal solution for your lighting requirements. Let us discover why you should hop on board this trend and invest in your solar street light post.

Solar Street Light post

solar street light

What is a solar street light post?

A solar street light post is a stand-alone lighting structure that combines different components to harness the sun’s energy and illuminate at pre-set times. The photovoltaic cells in the solar panel absorb and transform light into usable electrical energy. The rechargeable battery stores the generated energy and powers the light structure during periods of low sunlight or at night. The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the illumination source for the system. The controller manages the charging and discharging of the batteries and controls the operation of the LED lights. The light system may incorporate numerous add-in components like motion sensors to automate and control the light fixture.

Advantages of a solar street light post

What benefits do you gain from owning these lighting fixtures?

  • Be it a parking lot, street, or remote area, these lights illuminate where you need them most.
  • The lights reduce the risk of accidents, vandalism, and theft. Reliable light can deter a lot of criminal activities, hence increasing security.
  • These lighting fixtures can work independently from the grid. You can install and use these lights during power outages and in areas with unreliable electricity supply.
  • Solar streetlights are typically easier to install. They do not require underground wiring or connection to the electrical grid.
  • These lighting fixtures have a lower maintenance cost. You often only need to clean and inspect the system.
  • Solar streetlights are environmentally friendly. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to sustainable development.

a luminous solar street light

Factors to consider before you purchase a solar street light post

Before you make that investment decision, there are various factors you should know about and keep in mind.


Price is always the guiding factor in most of our purchases. We always advise our clients to take the time to research the available deals in the market. A rudimentary solar street light is frequently cheaper than its’ advanced counterpart. These advanced features cancel out the price increase. The inclusion of motion sensors reduces energy wastage by only activating the light when motion is detected. Remote monitoring capabilities save on maintenance costs by allowing easier management and troubleshooting. Self-cleaning solar panels ensure maximum efficiency by minimizing dirt and debris buildup.

The initial purchasing price of a solar street light post is often higher than traditional lighting solutions. For example, you can get a lamp post at $400 and a solar street light at $1000. However, when you compare the running costs of these lighting solutions, you realize the solar street light post is cheaper in the long run. Solar streetlights rely on a free renewable energy source, while traditional lamp posts require electricity, which incurs ongoing utility bills. Additionally, solar streetlights often require less maintenance compared to conventional lighting solutions. Over time, these costs can add up significantly.


When considering where to install the solar street light post, you should ask yourself two key questions. What is the weather pattern in the area? The weather pattern in the area influences the amount of sunlight available for solar energy production. If you are in a region with frequent cloudy or overcast conditions, you may experience an overall low energy output from the system. Additionally, trees, buildings, and other obstructions can affect the energy output. Solar streetlights need an area with ample sunlight exposure throughout the day to generate adequate energy to power the lighting system.

What are the specific lighting needs and requirements for the intended location? Factors such as traffic flow, aesthetic preference, and safety considerations affect the needs and requirements of the installation area. You must understand your specific need and requirement to balance out the brightness level, installation height, and light distribution patterns.

Quality of components

Your choice in the quality of components for the solar street light post can affect the asking price and long-term running costs. For instance, LED lights have a higher upfront investment but generally have a longer lifespan. High-quality LEDs are also more energy-efficient and less prone to burning out. The running costs of LED lights outmatch other lighting technologies like incandescent light bulbs.

Similarly, choosing lithium-ion batteries, despite their initial costliness, can yield significant energy storage and longevity benefits. Lithium-ion batteries offer higher energy density. The high energy density translates to a compact battery size requirement for the same energy storage capacity. An advanced regulator can also increase the cost of the light system but prove to be effective. The controller manages the charging and discharging of the battery and controls the operation of the LED lights. An ultra-modern controller with features like motion sensing and dawn-to-dusk operation can reduce energy wastage. 

Durability and weather resistance

Durability is always a point of concern for many of us. You would often want to purchase a light fixture that can withstand the test of time and provide value for money. To ascertain whether the solar street light post is durable, you can check its components, certifications, and test report. Inspecting the parts of the street light, like the solar panel, battery, and LED lights, can give you an idea of their quality and robustness. The test report offers insights into how the light fixture performs under various conditions. You should also check the solar street lights’ certifications like CE, RoHS, or UL. Such certifications indicate that the light fixture meets specific quality benchmarks. 

Weather resistance is also a critical factor to consider. With an Ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 or higher, the solar street light post can withstand extreme weather conditions like dust and rainfall. This level of protection ensures that the internal components remain safeguarded from moisture and debris, which can otherwise compromise their functionality and longevity.


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Purchasing the right solar streetlight can indeed feel like a daunting task. With all the experience we’ve gained over the years, we hope we’ve shared valuable insights to make your purchase a breeze. Remember, never be in a hurry to make that final decision, do your due diligence. Do you need a quality solar street light post at an affordable price? Contact us.


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