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What Should be Your Solar Street Light Pole Design

Solar LED street lights are today’s street illumination lifestyle. Nevertheless, solar street light pole design matters as several designs exist. The pole should be strong enough to support all the components attached to it such as fixtures, panels, and batteries.


Your solar street light pole design will be influenced by various factors. Here are the factors to consider.


The Climate of the Area

The meteoroidal condition in your area should be an important factor to consider. For instance, if you are putting-up solar light in a highly windy environment, you must use very strong poles. Considering the strength of the wind is also important. This is because in areas with strong winds, the light poles are susceptible to vibrations.


In such areas, you should use a pole design that can stand such windy conditions. You can use the round tapered pole as opposed to the straight square-shaped one.


If the area is characterized by rainy spells mostly, the poles should be highly durable. Essentially, the functionality of solar street light poles is multi-faceted. Therefore, they should be robust and weather resistant.


Pole Height

To know the right solar pole height for a particular area, you should conduct a lighting survey. The survey will as well help you to know the solar modules and cells required. The pole height ranges between 9-14 feet.


The height chosen should deliver just the correct amount of light spread avoiding excessive glare. To arrive at the optimum height, you should consider the light output and distribution of luminares. The power of luminaire is what should determine the ideal height. Powerful luminaire requires a higher height to avoid extreme glare.


Surrounding Environment and Landscape

The nature of the surrounding environment should be given special attention. For instance, areas around the coastal region are characterized by salty water. This can subject solar light poles to saltwater corrosion. Thus, the poles might need a coating with special finishes.


The solar street light poles, in this case, might need powder coating which stands most environments. Also, choose the color of the pole that will last long.


On the other hand, solar street light pole designs come in various styles for decorative purposes. You should choose the style that synchronizes with the landscape. For urban installation, you should choose sleek, elegant and aesthetic designs for beautification.



Poles Spacing

While designing pole, considering poles spacing is very important. Poles spacing should be consistent. It should also take account of light consistency. For a wide spacing, the poles should be high.

This is because stronger lighting will be necessary and this alternatively calls for a number of luminaires while you check excessive glare. The ideal spacing of poles should deliver consistency in lighting. Lack of it can cause problems to the users.


Imagine driving in areas with darker areas. It takes some time for your eyes to adjust and this potentially impairs your ability to see the road clearly.


Nearby Features

Consider things like trees, rows of shrubs, extra-large buildings and parking patterns. Such features can create dark spots in a well-lit street. You can find these shadow makers even in a residential street and public walkways.


It is highly important to consider such features when designing solar street light poles. You should aim to reduce the shadowy spots as much as possible. Ensure to be helpful to motorists and pedestrians to navigate easily in the streets at night.


Such a consideration will be particularly helpful to areas prone to crime as criminals take advantage of such dark spots. Your solar street light pole design should aim to improve lighting in such areas


The Solar Panel

The solar street light pole design should coincide with the quality of your solar panel. Panels of lower quality give lower charge and may not be adequate for high poles. The combination of both the pole and the solar panel should provide adequate lighting.


If your poles are tall, it essentially means stronger solar panel requirement. So take a larger panel as it will offer a higher light output and for longer.


Other Special Installations

You might need to incorporate other installations on your poles like Cameras, pennants and banners. You should then select a pole design suitable for the targeted special installation. This is because the combination of the pole and the fixture should endure the wind in the area.


The combination should also take care of Effective Project Area (EPA). This is the surface area of the luminaire multiplied by its shape factor. Every pole has a rating and the additional installations will impact the EPA load.


Solar Street Light Pole Design: Conclusion

Before concluding your solar street light pole design, proper evaluation is highly crucial. This will ensure that your structural integrity is not compromised. Therefore, use the above-outlined considerations in your pole design for your installation efficiency.


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For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours


For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


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