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Solar Street Light Mounting Bracket: 5 Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Fit

A solar street light mounting bracket is arguably the most crucial component of a solar streetlight system. These innovative brackets hold together the whole system and ensure proper functionality. There are countless mounting bracket designs, and choosing the right design can often be unsettling. Having sold dozens of solar streetlights, we have gathered enough information to help you on your purchasing journey. Before you pick the right solar street light mounting bracket, we would like you to understand how these brackets work and identify what to look for in the ideal design. Let’s dive in.

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solar lighting mounting bracket

Types of solar street light mounting bracket

What are your options?

  • Pole mount brackets: these brackets are ideal for mounting the street light on its’ designated pole. These are the most famous types of brackets and have various design options.
  • Wall mount brackets: these are suitable for building or vertical surface installations. They often feature adjustable angles to optimize sunlight exposure.
  • Arm mount brackets: the extended arm allows installation on walls, fences, and other structures. They are flexible to provide optimal light coverage.
  • Clamp mount brackets: the clamps securely attach to a horizontal surface such as poles or beams. They are easy to install and suitable for various installation scenarios.
  • Ground mount brackets: with anchors or concrete bases, these brackets secure the street light directly to the ground. They are ideal for areas where pole or wall mounting is not feasible or desired.
  • Adjustable tilt brackets: with tilting capabilities, these brackets adjust the angle of the solar panel relative to the sun’s position. They maximize solar energy absorption. 

The 7 Advantages Of An Adjustable Solar Street Light Mounting Bracket - Solar LED Street Light From Germany

solar lighting mounting bracket

Essential Factors to Consider Before Making Your Purchase

What makes a solar street light mounting bracket design ideal for your needs?


The model of your solar street light can guide you on the kind of mounting bracket you need. The size and weight of the street light should be compatible with the mounting bracket. Due to the weight of integrated street lights, pole and wall mounting brackets are suitable, whereas semi-integrated street lights typically require pole or ground mount brackets. The design of the solar street light mounting bracket should also factor in wiring compatibility. The mounting bracket should allow for easy access to wiring connections.

While doing your consideration, it’s vital to identify that the mounting surface should influence the type of bracket you purchase. If you intend to mount the solar street light on a pole, assess the diameter and height of the pole to ensure compatibility with the bracket. For a surface installation, consider the material and structure of the surface. The solar street light mounting bracket should be compatible with the surface material and able to support the weight of the light fixture. Also, consider the installation area conditions. If the area receives little sunlight throughout the day, opt for an adjustable angle mounting bracket to maximize energy absorption. Lastly, consider the soil type and stability of the installation area.

Durability and weather resistance

The durability of a solar street light mounting bracket is vital regardless of design. A robust mounting bracket offers various advantages. A well-designed bracket should withstand external forces such as wind and physical impact without compromising the stability of the light fixture. Additionally, a bracket made of high-quality materials can withstand the test of time and reduce maintenance costs. Lastly, a durable mounting bracket protects sensitive components of the street lights from damage.

Manufacturers often use durable materials for the mounting bracket, but don’t just assume; you also must scrutinize the bracket to ensure the same. Check whether the bracket uses weather-resistant materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. These materials are resistant to corrosion from moisture and salt air. Prolonged sunlight exposure can also be harmful. Ensure the mounting bracket uses UV-resistant materials that prevent discoloration and degradation. Lastly, confirm whether the mounting bracket has a form of impact resistance. If you aim to install the street light in areas prone to storms or high winds, choose a mounting bracket with a high impact resistance.

Adjustability and Flexibility

An ideal solar street light mounting bracket should have a measure of adjustability in its design. The solar panel is arguably one of the most vital components. The mounting bracket being adjustable for optimal solar panel orientation can be beneficial. The solar street light can generate maximum energy by orienting the panel to face the sun at the optimal angle. Since the sun’s orientation changes depending on the seasons, adjustable features allow you to fine-tune the panel orientation to account for these changes. The adjustability features also contribute to enhanced energy conversion and prolonged battery life.

The versatility of a mounting bracket is crucially important. Solar street light mounting brackets with flexible mounting angles offer versatility in installation. A flexible mounting angle is the right choice if the installation site is shaded or in an obstructed environment. Additionally, in uneven terrain, flexible mounting brackets enable the installation of solar street lights at angles that optimize sunlight exposure. Flexibility also future-proofs your system. Changes in the surrounding landscape, such as vegetation growth, are inevitable, and an adjustable mounting bracket could save you extensive modification efforts.

Installation Requirements

A perfect solar street light mounting bracket should ideally be easy to install. The bracket should be compatible with recurrent installation tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and drills. Compatibility with standard tools reduces the need for specialized equipment. Additionally, pre-drilled holes on the brackets streamline the installation process by eliminating the need for drilling holes on-site. Precise alignment saves you time during installation. Lastly, user-friendly features such as quick-release mechanisms or snap-on components enhance ease of use.

Narrow down your choices by choosing a bracket, depending on who will install it. The design of the solar street light mounting bracket should cater to both DIY and professional installers. For DIY installations, it’s essential to choose mounting brackets designed for easy installation and require minimal technical expertise. On the other hand, professional installers often prefer mounting brackets that offer versatility and compatibility with various installation methods and tools. 

Cost and Budget Considerations

Ultimately, cost is often the deciding factor during purchases. Consider the upfront cost of purchasing the mounting brackets and other components required for the installation. Evaluate whether the initial investment aligns with your budget constraints and project goals. Prioritize mounting brackets that offer long-term value. Investing in quality components may entail higher initial costs but can result in significant savings. You can balance budget constraints by prioritizing essential features over optional extras that may not significantly impact performance or longevity.

Additionally, compare the pricing and features of different solar street light mounting bracket options from multiple suppliers to identify cost-effective solutions. Conduct thorough research and consider testimonials or reviews from other users to inform your decision-making process.

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solar lighting mounting bracket


Purchasing involves trade-offs. Selecting the right solar street light mounting bracket requires prioritizing your project’s needs. We trust that the insights provided here have clarified crucial considerations. If you have any further questions or need assistance, contact us.



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