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Why Solar Street Light Lithium Battery is Recommended

In the market, there are several solar street lights. Technologically, street lights are known for working with different kinds of battery chemistry. By default, some solar street light companies are now selling and producing products with lead batteries. On the other hand, lithium batteries are known for having lower True Cost of Ownership, though solar street light lithium battery is still more expensive. Several companies and individuals prefer using products that use lithium-ion battery technology.

As a result, the solar street light lithium battery is recommended in your lighting products because it automatically enhances your purchase’s Return on Investment. This article explains some benefits of using the lithium battery to power your solar light products.

Why Use Lithium Battery

For the last two decades, the lithium battery is known for being reliable battery technology. It can be used in laptops, cars, cameras, cell phones and several mobile devices. In an electrical grid, it can be used to store energy. As a result, there is a great possibility of solar street light lithium battery having more advantages, unlike other traditional batteries, for instance, lead batteries.

High-Temperature Tolerance

Most batteries are known for not liking high temperature since this contributes to them reducing their service life. On the other hand, increased temperatures can cause larger impacts on traditional batteries than how they do on the solar street lithium battery. Temperature, more than 20 degrees Celsius, reduces the lead battery’s lifetime very fast. On the contrary, lithium battery can tolerate temperature, but not more than 45 degrees Celsius.

Low-Temperature Tolerance

Lead and lithium batteries, in cold weather conditions, can lose significant energy capacity. Nevertheless, the effect on traditional batteries and lead is more severe. At -20ºC, the lead batteries’ significant energy capacity can reduce to up to 30%. In the same discharging condition(s), solar street light lithium battery has been retaining about 82% of the energy capacity. The lithium battery can last longer in regions with high temperatures as well as cold conditions, such as mountainous areas.

Turnaround Cycle Efficiency

The efficiency of the solar street light lithium battery is shown by the turnaround cycle efficiency, and this takes place when the battery charges and discharges. Research shows that the turnaround cycle efficiency of a lead battery is about 75%. Thus suggests that if the lead battery is charged with 2000Wh, 1500Wh is what you will get back for the actual powering of your solar-powered devices. So, 25% of the system efficiency of the battery will be lost. For solar street lights, there is a need for not less than 25% more for the same load to be powered.

Under such conditions, there is a possibility of the system inevitably being more expensive. Nevertheless, lithium battery has a turnaround cycle efficiency of about 98%. This is the reason why this battery technology is greatly used in solar-related companies all over the world.

Discharge Cycles and Depth of Discharge tolerance

Depth Of Discharge is about how your solar street light lithium battery has been draining in each cycle. The deeper the discharges of a battery, the fewer discharge cycles it will make. As a result, this will shorten the battery’s service life. Lithium batteries are known for easily discharging up to about 95%, while other batteries, like lead, cannot discharge beyond 50 percent.

Lithium Batteries Complexity

From the above-given information, it can be difficult to comprehend why some people opt for the other traditional batteries for solar lighting. It is simple. Unlike the solar street light lithium battery, traditional batteries are much easier to install. Under minimal acceptable voltage, lithium batteries are known for being more sensitive to discharging and above the maximum acceptable voltage, they are a bit more sensitive to overcharging and this needs more advanced electronic devices.

Solar Street Light Lithium Battery: Conclusion

Though there are several street lights in the market, there is a need for settling for one with a solar street light lithium battery. Apart from being expensive, lithium batteries have lower True Cost of Ownership. It is not only used in solar-related devices, but also in laptops, cars, cameras, cell phones and several mobile devices. Solar street light lithium battery can tolerate temperature, but not more than 45 degrees Celsius, unlike other batteries that cannot effectively work under temperatures that are more than 20 degrees Celsius. The battery can easily discharge up to about 95% of its energy; hence, it is considered to be reliable when it comes to storing energy for the solar street lights.

On the other hand, there is a need for purchasing it from a reliable store to avoid being a victim of being sold fake batteries. What is more, you need to do thorough research on the stores around you since this is one of the ways of getting the best solar products for your lighting needs.

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