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5 Points to Look into for Solar Street Light Installation; Have You Mastered It?

Solar Street Light Installation Guide;

Today, solar street lights have been widely installed in outdoor lighting. Its advantages of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and simple installation have made it stand in an important position and are very popular in the market for solar power products. In order to ensure the operation of solar street light installation and avoid malfunctions, it is necessary to pay attention to details during the installation to provide better lighting services for people.

solar street light image

Solar street light

What are the precautions for solar street light installation?

1. Each component parts are fixed

Installation of the solar street light requires the components of each part to be fixed. The solar panel is fixed on the solar panel bracket, the lamp head is fixed to the pick arm, the bracket and the pick arm are fixed to the main pole, and the connection line is guided to the control box. Next, before lifting the light pole, it must ensure whether the fasteners in each part are firmly fixed if the lamp is installed correctly and whether the light source is operating properly.

2. Solar Street Light Installation: Debug system operation

To check whether the debugging system operates properly: loosen the connection line between the controller and the solar panel, the light source should operate properly, and the light of the solar panel connection is turned off; at the same time, the carefully observe the changes of indicator lights on the controller, if all the data are normal. It can be hoisted and installed.

3. Be careful when lifting the pole

The screws must be fastened. If the component has an errored angle, it needs to be adjusted and the direction of the sun should completely face south.

4. The battery connects the controller

Place the battery into the battery box and connect the cable to the controller according to the technical requirements. Connect the battery first, then the load, and connect the solar panel at last. Wiring operation should pay attention to the wiring and the terminal marked on the controller. The positive and negative polarities cannot collide and cannot be reversed, otherwise, the controller will be damaged.

5. Process the debug system again to confirm it operates properly

Loosen the solar panel connection line on the controller, the solar street light source is lit, connect the solar panel connection line, and the light is off; at the same time, carefully observe the changes of the indicators on the controller, if all the data is normal, the control box can be sealed.

the image displays a street light to further explain the components needed for a solar street light installation

Components you need for a solar street light installation

A typical solar street light system consists of the following components:

  1. Solar panel: This is the main component that captures sunlight and converts it into electrical energy. The solar panel is usually made of silicon-based photovoltaic cells.
  2. Battery: The battery stores the electrical energy generated by the solar panel during the day, and releases it at night to power the light. The battery is usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  3. LED light: The light emitting diode (LED) is the most commonly used light source in solar street lights. LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting and require very little maintenance.
  4. Controller: The controller manages the charging and discharging of the battery, and ensures that the light turns on and off at the appropriate times. It also regulates the brightness of the light and can be programmed to turn the light on automatically when it detects motion.
  5. Pole: The pole provides support for the solar panel and the LED light. It is usually made of aluminum or steel and can be designed to be adjustable to allow for optimal positioning of the solar panel.
  6. Sensor: Some solar street lights may also have a sensor that detects the ambient light level and automatically adjusts the brightness of the light accordingly.

Solar street light installation process

Solar street light installation requires careful planning and execution to ensure the system operates at its maximum potential. Below are the key steps involved in the installation process:

  1. Preparing the Site: The first step is to prepare the installation site by clearing any debris, rocks, or vegetation that may obstruct the installation process. Level the ground and ensure that the site is free from any obstructions that may cast a shadow on the solar panel.
  2. Assembling the Solar Street Light: The next step is to assemble the solar street light. Attach the battery, solar panel, and LED light together using the hardware provided with the system. Ensure that the panel is tilted at an angle that receives maximum sunlight.
  3. Mounting the Light and Solar Panel: Once the solar street light is assembled, mount the light and solar panel onto a pole or a structure that is suitable for the system. Ensure that the pole is sturdy and that the light and solar panel are correctly aligned.
  4. Connecting the Wiring: After mounting the light and solar panel, connect the wiring. Carefully run the wires from the solar panel to the battery and then to the LED light. The wiring is typically connected using waterproof connectors to protect against moisture and corrosion.
  5. Testing the System: The final step is to test the system. Check that all the components are working correctly by turning on the solar street light at night. Verify that the light illuminates the area as intended and that the battery is charging during the day.

solar street light image

Solar Street Light Installation; Conclusion

Above are the precautions regarding a solar street light installation. Today, solar power products are popular and favored on the market, and solar street lights are one of them. Solar street lights are energy saving, environmentally, and simple to install, which makes them become a new darling of the lighting market.


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