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Avoiding 7 Solar Street Light Installation Procedure Errors

The solar street light installation procedure is essentially equivalent to the installation procedure of customary street lights; however, there are contrasts, particularly the setting up of solar panels & batteries.

Construction and solar street light fitting process

Determination of light position

Fundamental prefabrication


Battery fixing

Controller setup

Light pole alignment position

Acknowledgment handover

Site setup arrangement (assembly of battery board, battery assembly, and support outline)

Light post assembly (stringing, lamp fitting, and battery board bracket setup)

the image displays a street light to explain the title solar street light installation procedure

Solar street light

1. Solar street lighting framework segments

Solar street light framework segments can be partitioned into three general classifications:

Optical frameworks

Which spread luminaires (counting refractors, reflectors & lenses), lights or lamps sources, also the control gear

Support networks

Comprising of poles & their establishments

Electrical frameworks

Containing covering energy supply, service cabinets, metering & control facilities

2. Solar street light installation procedure

Prepared to work

Dismantling & assembly area choice. The dismantling area ought to be close to the setup zone to encourage post-assembly transportation. Attempt to abstain from working in the downpour.

Test the luminaire as indicated by the shipping list. Dismantle and allude to the packing list to verify each part & assess for damage, for example, abrasion, bumps, disfigurement & scratches. Light post assemblies and wear-resistant frill, (for example, lamp holders, solar modules, and so on.) should be set with a soft mat that is supple to evade from redundant damage, for instance, scratches during fitting.

At the point when the lower pole assembly is put, an iron frame backing is obligatory at the upper end to encourage the setup of the pole assembly. Verify the positive and negative signals of the solar cell module to confirm that the positive & negative terminals are linked accurately. Utilize a multimeter to validate it to counteract flag faults.

Verification technique

Utilize the black & red test pens of the digital multimeter to separately contact the two anodes of the battery segment. In the event that the positive value is positive, the relating cathode of the red test pen is positive. In case that the negative value is negative, the comparing terminal of the red test pen is negative. The other positive & negative test techniques are equivalent.

3. Setting up

Solar panel & connection bracket

It would be ideal if you handle delicately during activity to stay away from wear & scratch on the solar glass dry plate. The affixing screws should be fixed. Remove the board wires from the direct.

Fitting lamp head

Setup the solar street light covers face downward, confirming that the light departs opposite to the ground in the wake of lifting. Following regulating the angle, fix the securing screws to confirm a firm. Disconnect the board’s wires from the pole to the lower controller spot.

Light post & connection bracket

When connecting, please gauge the mounting azimuth of the bracket to confirm that the azimuth of the solar board is positive south in the wake of lifting. Subsequent to regulating the angle, fix the affixing screws to certify a firm. Detach the board’s wires from the pole to the lower controller point.

Mount the battery

Place the battery into the battery box, pad the water-resistant gasket, attach the cable & secure the sleeve. Put the battery in the pit and haul the shielding sleeve outside the channel.

Vertical lights

Prior to lifting & rising, examine whether the parts are tight. At the point when the solar panel is fronting south (along with a compass), the head is fronting effectively. During the lifting procedure, the installer requires to hold the post to keep the segments from influencing & scouring against the sling or the ground.

In the lifting course, the lamp head should be acclimated to the street surface. The long opening on the flange is lined up with the anchor bolt. Afterward the flange drops on the establishment, two nuts are put in turn, and also the light post & the ground are balanced via the level ruler. Verticality, otherwise vertical, can be set below the flange to make it opposite to the ground. Lastly, fix the nut uniformly with a wrench.

the image displays a solar street light installation

Solar street light installation

4. Solar street light installation procedure errors

Despite the fact that the quality of solar street light is significant, yet we can’t exclude the slip-up in the setup procedure, for example,

An excessive amount of shelter around the fixing area

The impedance between the light source & solar board

Solar boards affixed on wires, branches, light posts or different sanctuaries

Twofold side street lights, solar boards eye to eye tilt

Solar board angle tuning issue

Internal charging the solar board

Haphazardly broaden solar board connection line

Hope this recommendation will aid you a great deal in keeping away from mix-ups in the solar street light installation procedure.

the image displays a solar street light

Solar street light

Solar Street Light Installation Procedure: Final Thoughts

Smart, connected solar street lighting empowers a city to make noteworthy cost sparing, whilst opening-up chances to transmute into a smart city. Preferably, the move up to LED lighting & network ought to be made pair to decrease set up, upkeep and the running costs. Mounting light poles outfitted with different sensors enables a wide scope of data to be gathered, new administrations to be presented with no further disturbance, also air quality and different metrics to be documented in accordance with lawful necessities.

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