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How to use a solar street light installation manual for solar installation?

Generally when you buy your solar street lights then you will expect them to come with a solar street light installation manual. This is basically your guide to the proper installation of the solar street light systems you just purchased. In this article, we breakdown the installation process for you into simple bits to help make it easier for you when going through your solar street light manual.

Solar street light installation manual: the procedures

Secure the area of installation

After you have made your purchase on the solar street light of your choice, then it is time to proceed with the installation. The first thing to do is to make sure people are kept out of harm’s way by sealing off the area where the new solar lights will be installed. This keeps people from wandering to close to your project which could jeopardize their safety and that of those working on the project. Unnecessary access to the project area could even lead to damage to the valuable properties on-site.

Workers’ protection

In the process of erecting a solar light pole, the safety of the workers is paramount as the pole is mostly made of metal. It could fall on the workers or expose workers to electrical shocks due to expose wire cable, which is why workers should wear proper protective clothing, gloves, and hard hats. This protects the workers against potential hazards when on-site.

Timing is important

As spelled out in your solar street light installation manual, we have several factors that determine the timespan for each light during installation. An adequate projection of construction per light is close to 2 lights per hour when using the right crew and an already laid foundation. It is important to ensure there are enough sunlight hours before commencing installation as installing a solar street light when the sun has dropped below the horizon won’t make any sense.

Get every required item for installation in order

Your solar street light installation manual will itemize all the items that are packed with your solar light, so confirm every item listed is present as well as all the tools and parts you need. Once that is confirmed then you can start thinking of the right position to place your solar street light.

Positioning and foundation

Carry out a survey to determine the best position for your solar panel and ensure it is far away from sources of water and heat. The southwest direction is mostly the best position to have your solar panel facing for optimum sun exposure. Additionally, keep the solar panel away from obstruction like tree shade that affects performance.

A solid foundation is vital to the successful installation of a solar street light, you must study the type of soil where the solar light will be installed and figure out the type of concrete needed in such soil. Make sure the foundation is properly leveled and allow it to form properly before putting the light in place.

Fixing and assembling the solar light fixture

The pole must be placed on support with the required height to fully support the fixture. The fixture wires are passed through the fixture hole at the location where you have your battery box. After that, the arm of the fixture is fixed to the pole with the bolts and nuts. You commence the wiring, connecting each wire to the right connectors, after that you slide the fixture onto the arm of the fixture. Make sure all the bolts are well tightened. Your solar street light installation manual will provide the graphical details of all these processes.

Time for the solar panel

The mounting brackets should be fixed into the fixture using the bolts and nuts, after which you adjust the angle of elevation for the angle frame. The required angle can be checked from your Greenshine quote or consulting with your salesman. After achieving the right angle, the angle frame is fastened to the bracket using bolts. Care must be taken with your solar panel when connecting it to the light fixture. The solar cable from the panel is fixed to the panel on the pole, making sure it is well connected via the waterproof connectors. The mounting brackets are fixed to the panels and fixed on top of the pole.

Battery Installation

Now place the battery in its compartment and mount the battery compartment on the pole. Pull and route the necessary cables via the pole hole and then through the hole on the battery compartment. Secure the battery compartment with the right bolts.

Erecting the pole

Stand the pole on its foundation using a crane and secure it with the right bolts and nuts. Make sure the pole is properly erected in the foundation. Test run your light and see if the panel is properly connected. To do that disconnect the cables of the solar panel and wait for the LED light to come up in a few minutes. Check your solar street light installation manual for the accurate graphical representation of these steps as well as a proper electrical connection for the solar light battery.

Solar street light installation manual: Conclusion

The procedure provided above is to serve as a guide when installing solar street light, be sure to complement it with in-depth details from your solar street light installation manual that contains more info and requirements for the installation of your solar street light. You will have more info about maintenance, battery connections and other vital info to secure and prolong the lifespan of your solar lights contained in the solar street light installation manual.


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