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Selecting the Right Solar Street Light Fittings for Your Project

When you hear the phrase “Solar street light fittings,” what comes to your mind? If you are thinking about solar street fixtures, luminaires, lamps, or lights, then you are right. Fittings have the same meaning as light sources.

Are you looking to light up a road, street, footpath, or an open area in a parking lot, garden, playground, driveway, residential yard, and highway? Selecting a street lamp should be easy if you know what you are looking for in a product.

The most common thing people do when it comes to selecting solar street light fittings for a project is to go for the electrical power, to be precise the wattage. The wattage of street lights varies from 9 to 100 watts, so you can’t miss a solution for your needs.

The rule of thumb in the lighting source is that the brighter the light, the more watts it will consume. However, some innovations tend to increase light intensity and at the same time, reduce energy consumption.

the image displays solar street light fixtures

How To Select The Right Solar Street Light Fittings

What should you consider when purchasing a solar street light system?

Calculated Power Requirements

Advances in LED technology provide lighting solutions with high Luminous efficacy or efficiency. Experts will start by calculating the amount of brightness for a selected area. Based on the results, they will then look for a solar street lighting fitting with the required Lumens.

You do not have to stress yourself with complex calculations. There are Lumen calculators online that can help you determine the amount of light intensity you need for the area of illumination. This information will help you determine the right fittings by considering the lumens per watt (lm/W) ratio of the available solutions.

Budget or Specifications

The right solar street light fitting can be under the lighting requirements or budget. If budget, then you will have to consider the cost of the product. The cost of the product is not only the initial price, but you should also factor in the installation and maintenance costs.

If you wish to buy your solar street light fittings considering the lighting requirements, then you’ll need to do your homework. Using this selection criterion might be expensive, but be sure enough that you will find a high-quality product.

Your street light lamp requirements require you to know:

  • the area of illumination,
  • the brightness level of the light you need
  • the type of bulb to use
  • the features you need it to perform
  • the weather conditions


Lighting Type and Design

There are fittings for different types of bulbs. The light-emitting diodes (LED) and the Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are the most common lamps replacing High-pressure sodium (HPS) and low-pressure sodium (LPS).

There is no standard street light fitting, but you will find common types such as the shoe box and the Cobra-head style. For Urban and downtown areas, you will notice the use of architectural and decorative designs that are pleasing to the eye and match perfectly with the surrounding.

In the traditional solar street light lamps, the controllers and battery are independent; the sole purpose of the component was to produce light. The emergence of integrated luminaires has allowed different parts of the solar streetlight system to combine and form a unit.

The conventional lighting fixtures are available and are often useful with the standard street light systems. When you opt for a full or semi-integrated solar fitting, you don’t need to worry much about the other components. The compact solution comes with high-efficiency components loaded with advanced technology.

Extra Features

the image displays solar street light fittings

Inside an Integrated solar street fitting, you should find an LED luminary, a built-in PIR motion sensor, a rechargeable battery, and solar panels. A useful fixture is one that can control the intensity of the light to ensure energy conservation and longer operation time. The standard lighting adjustment modes are usually three – high, medium, and low (1/3 or 30 percent of the brightness level). In some fixtures, the PIR can be turned off.

Most Solar lights emit light in one direction. Choose one that produces a cool white light, which is always bright, clean, and less intrusive. Go for a solution that keeps the charge all night, depending on where you want to use the lighting lamp.

The maintenance-free solar light fitting has superior properties such as Green Energy-saving, zero UV emissions, eco-environmentally friendly, Long life, and durability. For additional efficiency gains, you should go for fittings that use motion detectors. These light sources require bulbs that do not have a warm-up time.

Common to street lights, insects like to swarm around lighting sources that produce Infrared light. Therefore, you should go for a product that does not attract insects. Also, select the most suitable lens for the type of light distribution you need for your project.

The Environmental Factor

When selecting a solar street light fixture, consider the environment in which you want to install it. You should ensure that the housing material used is of high-quality materials. Most suppliers use a material that will eventually make the whole light fixture strong and lightweight.

These products usually come in metal, plastic, and Glass Construction. Select a finishing that offers great heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof, and rust-proof. Some solar lighting system offers flexible clamp or bracket and rotatable lighting modules to offer easy mounting and installation.

Besides being easy to fit and install, the Luminary should be adjustable to ensure that you get optimal daylighting during seasonal changes. A good solar street light fitting should last more than three continuous rainy days and produce ample light without flickering.

the image displays solar street light fittings

Solar street lights

Right Solar Street Light Fittings-Conclusion

Custom-made solar street light fittings will always solve your problem. The unique design takes into consideration all the requirements to make your project a success. However, these criteria come at a cost depending on the complexity of the design.

You will only feel satisfied with your purchase when you select the right solar street light fittings for your project. Apart from low costs and efficient use of energy, the right solution will give you a better service life, avoid all forms of light pollution, and provide excellent glare control. It is a one-time investment, contact DEL ILLUMINATION, and do it right.


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