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The 5 Best Indicators of a Legit and Credible Solar Street Light Company

The solar energy industry has been booming lately. Following the increase of solar street light company, choosing the ideal company can be an arduous task. It’s worth noting that while solar companies specialize in the same products, they are different. What then are the best indicators of a legitimate and credible solar street light company? Here are factors to consider before choosing the best provider.

1. How long has the Company lasted in the Industry?

There’s no written rule to state that older companies provide better services compared to startups. However, a history of existence and the company experience play a major role when you’re choosing a solar street light company.

The company you choose should be capable of making accurate estimations and conduct installations. Further, they should conduct maintenance services on your solar energy system in subsequent years. If the service provider is not committed enough, they’ll lack proper qualifications and expertise to appropriately execute these tasks.

If you’re looking for enhanced services, you should deal with a qualified company such as DEL ILLUMINATION CO., LTD. we have been in the industry for many years and understand what our customers need. Our staffs are qualified and experienced enough to fulfill all your solar energy needs. The company has over the years adopted innovative practices to improve service delivery.

2. The Quality of Solar Panels the Company Offers

There are three types of solar panels that are popularly used in the solar energy industry. These are; monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Out of these solar panel types, amorphous comes with the lowest durability and efficiency rates even though they are cheap. Monocrystalline solar panels have been commonly used for many years.

This is attributed to their high-efficiency rates. Further, they take up minimal roof space which is why people with limited space choose them. The only downside of these solar panels is that they’re too costly. Polycrystalline solar panels can be easily identified because they come with a blue color.

These too have been commonly used over the years and are ideal for you if you have massive space. These solar panels are reasonably priced. Regardless of the solar panel type you choose, ensure your company of choice has them in store.

Before choosing your ideal company, ensure that their solar panels are of high quality. You may want to establish where they source them too. This will help you figure out whether the solar panels are worth your investment.

3. A Comprehensive Strategy to Evaluate Your Energy Output and Needs

Designing of the solar energy system for your home can be a complex affair. This is why the company you choose should have experienced and qualified personnel to carry out the designing task. In some companies, the sales staff are tasked with designing the solar system.

If these staffs aren’t experienced technicians, they could give you substandard designs. Remember, engaging the services of a qualified solar energy system designer plays a major role in preventing faults.

When searching for the ideal service provider, you should know whether the company has qualified persons for the task. Your technician should be able to give you accurate estimations which include your current usage. Further, they should factor in your energy needs in the future.

4. Warranty

When it comes to solar panels, warranties are very important. Often, solar panel warranties comprise of performance and equipment. The performance warranty usually lasts up to 25 years while the equipment warranty lasts for between 10 to 12 years.

Solar panels hardly develop any problems but having a concrete warranty is necessary. It comes in handy in the unfortunate event of any malfunctions. Ensure the company you choose provides an equipment warranty of between 10 to 12 years, an 80% performance warranty lasting up to 25 years, and a 90% performance warranty lasting up to 10 years.

5. Transparent and Flexible Financing Options

What does transparent pricing mean? It means that there are no hidden charges or fees apart from the indicated price. What you see on the price tag is what you pay at the final contract signing stages. Whenever a solar company sends you a quotation, you should scrutinize it. Check the indicated system’s price per watt, the estimated price, and the price of the entire installation process.

To establish the price per watt, you should divide the total cost of installation by the system’s power wattage or rating. To carry out a comparison between the available options and service providers, check the total cost before the application of incentives.

Beware of solar energy companies which lure you into choosing financing options which only benefit them with high profits. At DEL ILLUMINATION CO., LTD, we are committed to assisting you to find a financing plan that caters for your needs. Further, we give you the best financing options that fit your budget, give you value, and help you save.

Solar Street Light Company:  Conclusion

With these tips, you should be able to choose a reliable company for your solar energy needs.


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