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5 Best solar street light battery specifications for efficient work

The battery is one of the most important components in the solar street light system as the street lights have to operate at night due to which they depend on battery storage for smooth operation. It is also one of the most expensive components in the system due to which it is highly important for people to carefully select the solar street light battery specifications since inappropriate specifications that are not fully capable of meeting the requirements will result in impacting the overall operation of the light as well as the user experience offered.


There are a number of different factors that affect the battery specifications of a solar street light system. Therefore, in order to develop an optimized and efficient system, there is a need to consider all the options affecting the solar street light battery specifications. In the way, developers will be able to come up with perfect specifications and other solutions, which are necessary for optimizing the operation of the battery and ensuring the excellent operation of the solar system.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important factors that have an impact on the specifications and performance of the battery and make recommendations for selecting the most suitable battery for the solar system as well as ensuring that it has all the solutions for enhancing its operation.


Power ratings of solar streetlights

It is the most important factor while selecting an appropriate battery for solar street light system. In general, terms, the specifications of the battery are directly related to the power ratings of a solar street light. In case the solar streetlights have high ratings then a battery of an appropriate higher rating will be appropriate and vice versa. We recommend carrying out proper calculations for determining the specifications of the battery as unsupported conjectures can lead to problems in the future.


Solar street light battery specifications: Solar panel rating

Solar street light battery specifications are dependent upon the solar panel ratings, as a part of the solar street light system. The battery specifications directly relate to the ratings of the solar panel. In case, the solar panel has a higher wattage rating, then it will convert a greater amount of solar energy into electricity, which would have to be stored in the battery for later use.

Therefore, a battery of appropriate size will have to be installed so that it is capable of storing the maximum amount of power that is been generated by the solar panel. We recommend carrying out proper calculations for estimating the daily power generation by the solar panel. On obtaining power generation statistics of the solar panel, we recommend obtaining a battery having marginally higher specifications for smooth operation. A battery of higher storage capacity can be slightly more expensive but it will be more useful in the long run and provide a better user experience.


Voltage and current rating

These are two highly important specifications for all batteries and have a direct bearing on the operation of the solar streetlights. The solar streetlights have a specific voltage and current requirement for their operation, which is usually mentioned in there specification sheets. Therefore, in order to operate these streetlights, a battery having appropriate voltage and current rating will have to be installed. In this way, people can research the current and voltage requirements of solar streetlights that they want to install and procure a battery, which is capable of meeting the stated requirements.


Battery management system 

The battery should have a battery management system (BMS) which will protect it in case of any unforeseen circumstance and significantly enhance the operation as well as its life Period of the battery. The main purpose of the battery management system is to protect it from over-charging and over temperature. Overcharging is one of the primary issues with batteries because people are not aware of the status of solar street light batteries because solar panels automatically charge them.

Therefore, it overcharging can damage the battery in case a protection mechanism is not available. Similarly, during the operation of the battery and charging process, the temperature starts to increase and in some cases, it can reach critical levels. Therefore, it is highly important to have a mechanism for ensuring that it is operating within a specific temperature range and this temperature does not increase above the tolerance limit. In case, protection against all temperature is not present then it can lead to severe problems for the battery.


One of the most important purposes of the battery management system is cell balancing. There are different cells in a battery and the capacity of the cells to store charge might be different from each other. Some cells can store more charge than the others, which can lead to an imbalance of charge between different cells. This can be problematic for the smooth operations of the battery and lead to special damages.

Therefore, a mechanism should be present for carrying out cell balancing by distributing and equalizing charge on different cells. This will have a significant impact on the overall life of the battery. Studies have shown that intelligent mechanisms like that management system can enhance the life of the battery.


BIS/ International standards

It is important for the battery to conform to various international standards. The certifications ensure that the battery will perform reliability and safety. There are various International certifications, which can also give an idea regarding the quality of the battery. Therefore, while designing specifications for solar battery, we recommend studying International standards. The incorporation of recommendations of these certifications will improve the market value of the battery and enhance consumer confidence.


We have discussed some significant solar street light battery specifications for the standard solar street light battery. However, there might be other important aspects depending upon the special requirements for use of the battery. Therefore, we recommend that in addition to incorporating these recommendations, researchers should carry out market analysis. In this way, they will ensure the most useful requirements for solar street light batteries and develop high-value products.


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