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What’s New in Solar Street Lamps For Sale?

Some will call them solar street lamps for sale others will know them by names such as street light, lamp post, light pole, lamp standard, or light standard. It is the main component of street light and a source of light. Since the 4th century, the early lamp has undergone numerous changes from using candles to LED bulbs.

Early development of street lamps started with the use of oil-gas lights, followed by arc lamps, then Incandescent bulbs, and lastly LED and Solar lamps. There are significant changes in terms of design, source of lighting, technology, and control.

In an attempt to keep potential robber at bay, utilize green energy, control the consumption of electricity, and extend services at night, the street lamp has dramatically evolved. Aesthetics, too, has contributed to the present changes in the seen on the street lamp.

In the modern street lamps, developments and innovations aim to reduce light pollution and energy consumption. This has led to the development acceptance of Photovoltaic-powered LED luminaires.

The Design

Street lights using electricity from the mains allows the use of Lantern design lamps. In our case, the use of green energy has significantly modified and restricted solar street lamps to one design, but not for long.

Most solar street lamps for sale come with the integrated, or you may also call it the all-in-one design. In the manufacturing of integrated street lamps for solar power, the design is usually a significant trade-off. The rectangular design in solar street lamps for sale comes as a result of the shape of the solar panel used. Since most solar panels in the industry or marketplace come in a rectangular design.

The classic solar street lamp design can be achieved and comes with a charming vintage style. Unfortunately, due to its aesthetic appearance, these types of solar street lights are only restricted for use in patios and garden paths, walkways, patios, driveways, stairwells, and any other soft lighting outdoor application.


  1. Intelligent Time Switch Control And Built-In Light Sensor

This type of technology comes installed in some solar street lamps. Activating the intelligent time switch control starts the illumination when it turns dark, and the brightness is adjusted depending on the time division. These are considered to have lighting sensors that detect a change in ambiance.

Some solar street lamps come with dimmer function. You may find three-level user-defined power setting (high, average, and low) that determine the number of lighting operation time. The lowest setting can give you up to 10 to 12 hours of light usage, the medium ranges between 6 and 7 hours, while the maximum setting gives you a light for 3-5 hours. The higher the lumen and brightness to lesser the operational time.

Most photovoltaic-powered street luminaires that come with multi modes require the use of a long-distance remote control to make such adjustments. The remote control can be multifunctional in the sense that it can turn ON/OFF the light, select a preferable more, and adjust solar panel angle to get the best daylight exposure. Some remote controls can be programmed to change multiple lamps at the same time.

The remote controls might not be necessary for more advanced solar lights that use sun-tracking solar panels. Such a lamp will track the movement of the sun across the sky to maintain a vertical elevation to its rays; this ensures the maximum amount of sunlight is incident on the solar panel to get an optimal daylighting during such changes.

  1. Built-In PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) Based Motion Detectors

In most cases, the solar lights come in default mode, which ensures that there will always be light throughout the night. Some lamps may come with an induction or emergency mode that activates full brightness whenever there is night activities or power failure. A solar street lamp in the induction mode will only produce light when there is activity beneath it.

This means, the lamp stays on all the time at night with dim lights and turns to full brightness when motion is detected. The total brightness mode does not stay for long (usually 10 -20 seconds) after the object or someone is out of detection.

IP65 Waterproof Protection

Most manufacturers aim to develop solar street lamps with IP65 ratings and more. Those with Waterproof IP66 get dustproof and protection from great heat dissipation. This waterproof rating enables solar street light to withstand a variety of outdoor environments, climate, and weather conditions.

An IP65 rated product can withstand snow, sleet, rain, and any other extreme weather condition. This is usually supported by the use of durable rust-resistant aluminum alloy in the design of the lamp body or housing.


In the pursuit of quality, most solar street lamps for sale have to pass three types of accreditation: CE, FCC, and ROHS certification.

  • CE – products that are produced and sold within the European Economic Area or designed outside the EEA but to be sold within this area need this certification mark. The mark indicates that the solar street lamp can be sold within the EEA since it conforms with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards of that region.
  • FCC– a solar street lamp with an FCC mark indicates that the product is approved by the Federal Communications Commission and therefore fit to be used sold in the United States. This is always a requirement for electronic products.
  • ROHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) compliance verifies that the product does use specific hazardous materials, which are usually 10 substances.

Wireless Solar Street Lamps

Wiring always comes in when the battery and the component are separate. In modern designs, the battery, solar panel, and the lighting fixture are one unit. This makes your installation process fast and easy. What you will need to worry about is the mounting mechanism.

Solar Street Lamps For Sale: Conclusion

From the information above, it appears that technology dominates the list of developments in solar street lamps for sale. There is no doubt that the efforts made here align with the bigger picture, reducing energy consumption, and improving efficiency.


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