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Key Things that Determine Solar Road Light Price

When it comes to solar road lighting, every engineer has been looking for something unique. It is because of this that the solar street light companies have come up with different solar road lights to meet the needs of engineers and the requirements of the places where they are being installed. Moreover, they all have sets of needs depending on functionality and design. Each solar road light price is different, and this is based on different factors and0 manufacturers. In this article, key things that determine the solar road price will be explained in terms of the following: battery life, shapes, lumens, pack count, and use.

Battery Life

The solar road light price can be expensive if the solar battery lasts for about five to eight hours when it has been fully charged. Such a battery can power the solar road light system for a night or even the better part of the darkest hours. Moreover, if a solar road light tends to charges and stores energy as fast as possible; its price can be higher than those that take time. It is also advisable to consider purchasing an expensive solar street light that cannot be easily affected by seasonal variation. Nevertheless, according to different studies, solar batteries that can serve the lighting system for more than six hours tend to be the best and worth purchasing.


The fact that most street lights come in different shape, it is possible that the solar road light price of one can be different from another. The shapes of the solar road lights are designed based on where they will be placed and their usage, hence bringing about the difference in their prices. Furthermore, road lights with decorative shapes are always more expensive.


The road light’s lumen rating refers to its brightness level. If the light is brighter, there are higher chances that there are more lumens. Hence, the solar road light price will be high. Generally, a solar road light can have a lumen count of not less than 2.5, since this is acceptable and recommended for ambient street lighting. But for security reasons, a solar road light with a lumen count of not less than 5.0 is highly recommended, though it must be expensive.

Furthermore, some street light manufacturers design their solar road light price list based on the lumen rating, as well as incorporating the wattage. It is simple to convert watt to the lumen, but get to know that the incandescent bulbs’ lumen output tend to be much lower and have lower prices as compared to the LED bulbs. Today, a good number of solar road lights using LED technology are generally expensive.

Pack Count

Solar road light streets are known for coming in multi-packs. Hence, they are recommended for pathway lighting since it reduces the solar road light price. Those that come in single pack are more expensive than those that come in multi-packs. A pack of a road light that comes with up to 2 lights is relatively more expensive as compared to that with not less than six lights in a single box.


Not all solar road lights are designed for lighting purposes alone. Some are meant for decorative purposes. Because of this, the layout, placements, together with the need for brightness, have brought about the difference in the solar road light prices. Solar street lights meeting several lighting needs are better and more expensive.


If you are interested in installing a brand new solar road light, it is important to determine its installation cost. The solar road light prices are relatively low, especially when it is being installed since there is no need for wiring and digging of trenches. Nevertheless, the actual solar road light price should include a pole, battery, light, and solar panel. On the other hand, the price of a street light that require little maintenance can be high. In other words, cheap street light products are associated with high maintenance costs; hence, they do not fall under the best lighting alternatives.

Solar Road Light Price: Conclusion

There are several solar road lights in the market. Also, their demand and the fact that the governments have been encouraging the use of solar energy has made different solar product manufacturers to varieties of solar road lights, with different prices. Since they are many in the market, the solar road light price is relatively low. Nevertheless, if determining the solar road light price becomes difficult for you, you need to seek assistance from our company, Del Illumination.

The company is known for having a team of skilled staff that will take you through all that you ought to know as far as purchasing street light is concerned. Based on the years that we have been offering solar street services, you can rest assured that your lighting needs will be met.



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