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4 Factors Affecting Solar Powered Street Lights Proposal

There are several affecting solar powered street lights proposal. At least each country has a set of solar companies that are responsible for manufacturing solar street lights and other solar products. On the contrary, only a few people know about the appropriate considerations; some know nothing about them. These factors are essentials as far as installing solar street light is concerned; hence, they must be carefully considered to make some specification processes as simple as possible. Information in this article will not only assist you in creating better specifications but also ensure that solar is the best for an alternative for your lighting applications. The following are the four factors to consider for solar powered street lights proposal:

Traffic Hours

On the street where you are looking forward to placing solar powered street lights, there is a need for knowing the main traffic hours. Get to know when the traffic is minimal, as well as when it is picked up. In some countries and cities, traffic tends to be little at night, past 10 pm, and in such a case, you can consider lowering the fixture’s wattage to conserve energy, because of unavailability of the safety concerns.

In fact, for your solar powered street lights proposal to be effective, it is recommended that you should consider using adaptive lighting techniques since it is through this that the fixture’s wattage will reduce after some time. As well, this will bring about the reduction of the solar being used to power the fixture at night. This is highly recommended since it is effective in reducing the overall costs of the proposal.

Through the night, if the traffic is known for staying steady, then it is recommended that the adaptive solar powered street lights proposal ought not to be used. Therefore, there is a need for doing a complete analysis to determine the traffic patterns, together with the usage of the region before settling on certain solar powered street lights. For residential and rural regions, adaptive solar street lighting techniques are highly recommended.


The shading of the solar powered street lights proposal depends on specific locations when the street lights will be placed. Is the place covered by trees or surrounded by buildings? Solar ought to be exposed directly to sunlight light for the batteries to charge. If the batteries are charged, the fixture will effectively work at night. And so, it is recommended that solar powered street lights ought not to be installed under trees or shades in order to deal with future operation problems.

When they are installed under trees and shades, the solar panels ought to be mounted in places where they can receive enough sunlight; thus, the light pattern will always be even. Other alternative incorporate trimming trees, using street light poles that are taller than trees, or/and even combining the two.

Lighting Requirements

It is highly recommended that you should have some information about the lighting requirements for various streets. The lighting requirements of a two-lane street can be different from that of four lanes. Based on the street’s width and lighting requirements, it becomes easier to determine the number of street lights needed for your solar powered street lights proposal. In most lighting applications, with aimed optics, there are wider patterns, and they are known for reducing. In most lighting applications, with aimed optics, there are wider patterns, and they are known for reducing the number of street light fixtures.

As a result, the solar powered street lights proposal’s overall costs will be affected, and this incorporates both the installation and the materials.

Installation Requirements

In some regions, there are specific rules that govern the installation of the solar powered street light. Mounting heights rules and restrictions are taken into consideration. For instance, there are various wind loading rating being used in different areas, especially those that are vulnerable to hurricanes and large storms. For that reason, if a high wind loading rating is used in the solar powered street lights proposal, a lasting light will be provided regardless of the Mother Nature being experienced.

Solar Powered Street Lights Proposal: Conclusion

The main things to consider as you look forward to purchasing solar powered street lights include installation requirements, your lighting requirements, shading, together with traffic hours. There are several solar street lights in market, but not all of them can meet your lighting needs. Since you have known different parts of the solar street light proposal, there is a need for covering all aspects for you to get the accurate solar street lights in the market. You can talk to our solar powered lighting experts, Del Illumination. Do not hesitate to ask them questions related to solar lighting and products. They will give you all the information that will enable you to get the best solar powered street lights proposal.


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