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The Amazing Advantages of Solar powered parking lot lights

Among the depleting sources of energy, as a result of increased usage is fossil fuel. Because of depletion, electricity bills have been increasing considerably. So, there is a need to find an alternative renewable resource that is cost-effective, flexible, reliable and effective. These features can be found in solar energy, which is believed to be the best and reliable alternative source of energy. Nevertheless, there is a need for having efficient devices like solar powered parking lot lights to assist in the harvesting of solar energy to reduce the electricity bills significantly.

Solar powered parking lot lights Installation

The installation of the solar powered parking lot lights is a simple process. The lights have a few components, which can be installed without difficulties. Also, unlike the grid-connected lights, the installation cost is relatively less.  A solar parking lot light has just three major parts: led light, solar array and battery storage. The solar array is a significant part since it effectively harvests solar energy. Solar cells, which are interconnected, are connected to the solar array. During the day, it is the responsibility of the solar array to collect energy, through its panels, from the sun.

It is the battery that the energy harvested from sunlight is stored. There are various kinds of solar street light batteries that can be used to store electricity.  In most cases, gel batteries are the common type of batteries being used in the solar powered parking lot lights. Throughout the day, the batteries are charged. Some batteries can supply electricity for a minimum of five nights. The energy stored in the batteries is used to turn on and off the solar LED light effectively.

Usually, the solar LED lights are known for producing bright white light that carries a 15-year life. Based on the numbers of the LED lights, the light’s intensity being produced by solar street light varies. For effective performance, solar parking lot lighting and street lights use the same strategy.

Some Significant Advantages of the Solar powered parking lot lights

  • The significantly reduce electricity bills.
  • Each battery can reserve energy for about two days.
  • The LED light is known for producing light for about 70,000 hours of life.
  • The fact that solar energy is a reliable source, there is efficient and regular lighting

Ways in Which Solar powered parking lot lights Increase Safety and Security

Solar powered parking lot lights are known for preventing crimes against people and properties. Solar energy enables the solar street lighting system to operate throughout, even when there is power issue or blackout. Unlighted and dark areas are crucial spots that are vulnerable to criminals. Criminals do not prefer operating where they can be spotted or seen without difficulties; places where there is sufficient lighting.

The parking lot together with the exterior parts of the business premises ought to be illuminated with super solar lighting fixtures, which can work effectively in areas that do not have electricity. As a result, this will assist in deterring crimes as well as enable people to recognize everything that are happening within their business premises easily.

The solar powered parking lot lights encourage and assist the use of various devices, for instance, CCTV cameras on the outdoor premises. Solar lights are in a position of providing efficient lighting for the CCTV cameras to assist in visualizing what is taking place at a given period in a particular area. For camera use, some solar lights’ brands and types can work at lower light levels as well as switch to the high powered lights, especially when they have been activated by motions to increase distance and visibility of the sight of the cameras.

Through this, security outside the business premises will be enhanced because there is full visibility, to assist individuals in terms of seeing what is taking place at a specific period and a specific place.

Solar powered parking lot lights assist in increasing sense of security and nightmare pedestrian traffic. Where there are high quality and reliable street light fixtures, pedestrian traffic will increase, and people in the area likely not to think about security and safety issues. This brings about a boost in customer traffic at business premises. If clients realize that your business premise has effective and sufficient lighting, they will consider this to be the safest place to visit, and there are greater chances of them coming back. Moreover, the employees’ morale can be boosted since there is sufficient and right exterior lighting that gives them a sense of security because there are necessary lights to encourage safety.

Solar powered parking lot lights: Conclusion

Solar powered parking lot lights can significantly reduce electricity bills. They have batteries, which can reserve energy for a long duration. The fact that they use solar energy, they are reliable since they can provide efficient and regular lighting. Also, they prevent crimes against people and properties as well as assist in increasing the sense of security and nightmare pedestrian traffic.  They are the best alternative for your commercial lighting.

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