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How to choose the best solar powered LED parking lot lights?

Solar powered LED parking lot lights provide an intelligent solution for the lighting requirements of parking lots. LED parking lights are efficient in operation as LEDs generally have a high power factor and energy conversion percentage as compared to traditional or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Similarly, these lights are cost-effective as compared to traditional lights as they are powered by solar energy, which does not affect the electricity budget. It is highly important for commercial businesses, residential parking places, and government buildings to have fully illuminated parking lots, which will significantly increase the safety standards and confidence of people in parking their vehicles.

Those commercial buildings that have highly maintained and well-lit parking lots are likely to attract more customers especially at night as compared to those where customers do not have access to a decent for parking their vehicles.

They are in a number of different kinds of lights available in the market and since the initial cost for purchasing solar parking lot lights can be high, it is important to avoid them against a standard quality and make an informed decision. Therefore, we will discuss some of the important factors that people should consider before making a purchase decision regarding solar powered LED parking lot lights.



The luminaire is the most important feature for a parking lot light because the area should be significantly bright at night so that people are able to easily park their vehicles since sometimes these places can be crowded and vehicles could be part incredibly close to each other.  Luminaire of light is dependent upon the technology that is used for emitting light as well as the supporting equipment that is present for the dispersion of light in the area. Therefore, high-quality LEDs having power factor greater than 95% and energy conversion efficiency greater than 40%.

Similarly, the LEDs should be oriented at an angle of 120 degrees with the help of which they will be able to disperse light to a significant area underneath and illuminate a major portion of the parking lot. The base of the LED should be made of highly reflective material due to which the light going backward will be reflected back in the area and increase the overall efficiency of the light. Similarly, the cover of LED should be made of transparent material, which does not absorb photons and all energy particles should be able to disperse in the surroundings.


Luminaire efficacy

It is another important feature for evaluating solar powered LED parking lot lights because it gives an account of the energy that is generated in comparison to the amount of energy consumed. It is highly important for solar lights to generate a higher percentage of energy for the amount of energy consumed because at night they utilize the energy stored in the battery. The luminaire efficacy is calculated in terms of lumens per watt (lm/watt) and those LED solar lights, which have values of higher luminaire efficacy, should be preferred over those, which have lower luminaire efficacy.


Photovoltaic panel and battery

Solar lights required photovoltaic panels and battery to operate and usually the performance of the LED lights depends upon the quality of this two equipment. These two equipment are usually provided along with solar power parking lot lights and it is highly important to ensure that they are appropriate for the usage requirements of the area where the lights have to be installed. In case, there is a requirement for continuous illumination at night than high quality and larger ratings of photovoltaic panels and batteries should be obtained so that they are able to provide required energy throughout the operation.


Solar powered LED parking lot lights: PIR motion sensor

It is another important feature for power and lights installed at parking lots because at night, continuous illumination in the area might not be required. The function of PIR motion sensor is to detect any motion in the area and turn on the light in case the motion is sensed. Similarly, when no motion is sensed in the area for a particular period of time then PIR motion sensor will send a signal to turn off the light. This feature is highly important for conserving the energy in the battery and extending the usage of the light.

Therefore, we recommend that while purchasing solar powered LED parking lot light, it should be ensured that a high-quality PIR motion sensor is installed in the light, which will be able to regulate the operation as per the requirements.


Waterproof certification

Outdoor LED lights to be installed in parking lots should have an appropriate waterproof certification, which is acceptable on international standards. These lights have to perform the operation outdoors for years and they can be significantly impacted by rain in case they are not waterproof or an appropriate mechanism for the protection has not been provided. Therefore, it is highly important for people to ensure that the solar powered LED lights that they are purchasing for installing in their parking lots should have an appropriate mechanism for protection during rain and other such phenomenon.


Mounting brackets and pole

Special brackets and poles are designed for parking lot lights because they have to be adjusted at a height and it is important that they be firmly placed so that they can perform their operation without running the risk of being damaged. These brackets are usually provided along with parking lot lights and people should ensure that the brackets are of high quality and able to sustain the weight of the light for an extended period. In case, the brackets are of lower quality then they will result in damage to the light due to wear and tear or external pressure caused by atmospheric conditions.

We recommend people to consider the factors mentioned above while purchasing solar powered LED parking lot lights since they will help them in making an informed decision as well as save money on their investment over a longer period.


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