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5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Solar Parking Lights

Parking lights are considered in business and recreational facilities that need illumination to boost visibility and security at night. The growing interests and initiatives in the use of environmentally friendly power source led to the need for lights that ensure sustainability and an overall green presentation. This desire for clean energy light led to the development of Solar parking lights.

Solar parking lights are new and efficient ways to provide lighting for parking areas without the need for standard utility power. They have replaced the tradition on-grid lighting systems that are now considered to be expensive in terms of operation, and maintenance.

With solar park lights, there is no need to trench electric wire or pay for electrical bills every month for the life span of the system. The cost-saving aspect of it is the reason they have been widely accepted in residential and commercial properties.

Since the construction of the first solar cell, there have been new and better ways to take advantage of solar technology. Here, you will learn about five innovative approaches to improve your solar parking lights.

Integrated Design

Looking at the variety of solar parking lights being sold in the market place brings to light one common trend: Companies in the solar industry are producing integrated solar systems. Scientists have found a way of combining the solar panels, controller, battery and lighting fixture into one component.

You will find them branded as either all-in-one or fully integrated solar parking lights. The advantage of using fully integrated lights is that the installation is easy and less costly. All you need is to fix the integrated lighting source to the grounded pole, and you are good to go. Ain’t it great!

Sensor Technology

The sensor technology has just made new friends in the lighting industry. This technology comes coupled with the solar parking lights to help adjust the light needs depending on the change in activity or ambiance.

The industry provides solar parking lights that can reduce or increase the brightness of the illumination when there is no activity or increased activity, respectively. In terms of ambiance, your lamp will automatically turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn.

Wireless Control Adjustments

Wireless control comes into play when you wish to adjust your lighting fixture to maximize efficiency in the production of power. In split-integration solar parking lights, the lighting system depends on the angle of tilt of the solar panel to provide enough power to illuminate an area for the required period.

Wireless control can help in the conversion of solar energy to electric power by letting you change the angles without physically climbing the pole and make the necessary adjustments. New solar parking lights can track the movement of the sun and automatically create the required corrections.

Bluetooth as a method of wireless control can be used to obtain information from the solar lighting system that determines the lifespan of the components. Using this technology, you will be able to schedule the maintenance for your solar parking lights.

Energy Efficient Bulbs and Lamps

You may be wondering, “Which Light Bulbs are the Most Energy-Efficient for my solar parking lights?” The answer is Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or otherwise known as CFLs and LED. These lamps are popular because of their efficiency in the utilization of energy that translates to a lifespan of eight to ten years.

Using CFLs and LED in your solar parking lights can bring more cost savings compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs. The CFLs come in a full spectrum of light colors that are ideal for areas where abundant lighting is needed. The downside of it is that it contains mercury which is harmful when disposing it.

Most people prefer LED to CFL for use in solar parking lights because it produces more lumens per watt, have the most extended lifespan, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly- does not contain mercury or any harmful chemical. However, LED has a downside, it produces more blue light when compared to CFLs.

Whichever type of bulb you buy for your solar parking lights, experts’ advice that you look for Energy Star certification. You no longer have to use a lamp that gives off 90% of the harvested solar energy as heat. The energy-saving lightbulbs are much more efficient and provide the choices in light levels and colors.

Solar Paint

Yes, solar paint!  In a bid to maximize solar energy conversion in your solar parking light you can apply the energy-capturing paint to the surface of your light systems structures such as the pole or the lighting fixture. The paint used in the production of solar energy is considered to have billions of light-sensitive pieces of material suspended in the mixture that will capture solar energy and convert it into electricity.

The installation of solar paint on your solar parking lights will drastically reduce the challenges of meeting the thresholds of the lighting system. You will require a technician to assist you with the installation of the energy-capturing paint.

Solar Parking Lights: Conclusion

The five innovative approaches can help you improve your solar parking lights. However, do not limit yourself to these five approaches, you can go deeper into the science of solar lighting and discover more innovative ways that have not yet been commercialized.

If you wish for more technical innovation approaches that can help you improve your solar parking lights, then you can go deeper into the design and production of the solar panels and battery. These two help you produce and store power for your parking lights.

These innovative approaches will help you reduce the cost of maintenance and enable the solar parking lights to serve you for a more extended time.  You will find that most of these approaches come at a price, but worth the investment due to the future value they have.

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