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Smart Solar Light Street Lamp With Sensor Spread With Iot Adoption

Evolution of Solar Light Street Lamp With Sensor:

The world is advancing at an amazing pace, so many technologies are been developed and so any existing technologies are been improved upon. Let’s take a look at the evolution of street lighting technology and the changes over the years to manufacturing and operation of street light will show you truly how remarkably our world is changing. Street light has evolved from gaslight fueled with coal gas to an electrically powered street light. Among the electrically powered street light, we have the traditional grid-connected street light that sources its electricity from the national or independent power grid. We also have a remarkable solar powered street light, and now we have a smart solar light street lamp with sensor.

The next step in the world of solar technologies seems to be pointing in the direction of the smart solar street lamp. We are talking of solar-powered street light capable of serving as access to important information and even more. A look at the smart street light market shows that industry experts have estimated that the market will get close to $18B per annum come 2024, which shows you how big of a deal this technology is.


Smart solar light street lamp with sensor and IoT

As if smart solar lights isn’t cool enough, the combination of smart solar street light with IoT is spreading the gospel smart solar light street lamp with sensor further. These include having smart solar light systems with video and many other sensing capabilities, which can be used to analyze traffic patterns and pedestrian activities, provide video surveillance for security purposes, air quality monitoring or even issue traffic tickets. Smart lighting and solar lighting are swiftly been merge into various types of applications.

Smart street lights have been a cost-effective option for many counties, states, and municipalities saving them huge amounts of money. For instance, the city of Syracuse in New York embarked on the procurement of 17,500 street lights from Cimcon a Bedford-based company in Massachusetts. This will save the city over $3 million yearly in the cost of operation, based on energy efficiencies and maintenance. All the street light will be connected to a central operating system.

Cimcom whose NearSky lighting systems are created for HID, LED, and solar-based lamps, utilizing the RF-wireless technology to link 7-ANSI complaint controllers to a web-based Central Management System through a wireless gateway. This type of technology enables municipalities, towns, and cities to easily and swiftly run every street light assets on a single platform.

A look at CimcomNearSky control system features will showcase the sophistication of smart solar light street lamp with IoT adoption, some of the features include getting SMS and email alerts, monitoring the health and management of the asset, encryption for all devices (128/256 bit AES), easy asset management via GPS integration, etc. All these features result in various benefits some of which are a reduction in the cost of repair and energy cost by 50 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Smart solar light street lamp with sensor even serve a better combination of technologies between solar and IoT. For instance, in Toronto, there will 40 solar street lights lighting the Bloor Street West, which will also provide Wi-Fi for the area as well as showcasing banners to promote Bloor West Village. This exciting project is been executed by Clear Blue Technologies.

Although the project is installed on one of the busiest streets in Toronto, connecting to power from the grid will have been excessively costly. That is why an off-grid option like solar-powered light was embraced. According to reports by Clear Blue, 18 municipalities have also installed the company’s lighting system in Ontario for various uses, which include residential streets, roadways, signage, at more than 40 various locations.

The global reach of smart street light system

Just how far is the reach of the smart street light system? A look at organizations such as Clear Blue Technology and Cimcon can give us a clue. For example, Cimcon as of 2018 was exporting two times the amount of lighting controllers in contrast to 2017. The organization grew its clients’ base to 150 cities in twenty-four nations all over the world.

Clear Blue Technologies is a technological company with a specialty in the provision of dependable, cost-effective telecom, off-grid power for lighting, Internet of Things devices (IoT), and other vital systems. The organization has an off-grid solar controller system among its smart system presently in the market. The company is present in 24 U.S. states, 8 Canadian provinces as well as 35 countries. These two companies are just some of the many companies offering smart street light systems.

Solar Light Street Lamp With Sensor: Conclusion

The invention of Smart Street light has changed the face of smart cities around the world and the adoption of IoT has helped spread the use of Smart Street light further more. The idea of these street light been powered by an off-grid power source such as solar energy in the case of a smart solar light street lamp with sensors has made the technology even more enticing.



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