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How can we make decision when the solar LED street lights meet low market price?

Solar LED street lights belong to a small branch of the photovoltaic industry. It can directly use solar power to generate electricity, and is energy saving, without the need to lay cable, have a safe and stable characteristic and therefore has been widely used in the past few years to replace traditional street lights. However, solar street light industry is facing a severe quality crisis at present.


Solar LED street lights in a village was completely torn down in less than half a year after its installation; solar street lights in a village has up to 50% of failure in the several months. Solar power lighting spam project in many areas were directly replaced by the city circuit lights and frequent maintenance of solar street lights has result in the waste of manpower and material resources. What is the real problem causing these quality problems in solar street lights?

the image displays a solar LED street lights

A solar LED street light

Solar street lights are constitutive products, which many components are taken from somewhere else to assemble, and this have given a loophole to some unethical manufacturers. In order to ensure the low price of products, some unethical manufacturers often jerry-built, sell shoddy products and bid at a low price, which makes the poor quality and low-price spam projects overwhelmed the industry. Without professional technicians, strict management and technical skills, construction project cannot keep up and quality below standard are all causing the rampant of hidden danger and spam projects.


Frankly speaking, it is the desire of low-price in the market that cause the poor quality of the street lights. In order to fulfill the needs, unethical manufacturers released unqualified products at the low-price, which result in the flooding of poor quality products and cause a series of problems.


In this chaotic solar LED street light market, quality can only be guaranteed with promised price. A reasonable profit will have reasonable quality guarantee. Business will not do business and loss the money, the starting point of the low price must from reducing the cost. In addition, low price will also result in no response at the after-sale service. Consumers will face the pressures between quality and after-sales service after they purchase the poor-quality products. Standardized the market, set the reasonable market price and boycott the low price vicious competition.

A solar LED street light

Advantages of Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED street lights provide several advantages over traditional street lighting systems. These advantages include:

1. Energy Efficiency

Solar LED street lights are highly energy-efficient. They use solar energy to power the LED lights, which consume less energy than traditional street lights. This results in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

2. Cost Savings

Solar LED street lights provide cost savings in the long run. While the initial cost of installation may be higher, the ongoing costs of maintenance and energy consumption are significantly lower. This makes solar LED street lights a cost-effective solution in the long term.

3. Environmental Benefits

Solar LED street lights are environmentally friendly. They use solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy, and do not emit harmful greenhouse gases. This makes them an ideal solution for reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

4. Longevity

Solar LED street lights have a longer lifespan compared to traditional street lights. They are made of high-quality materials and do not require frequent maintenance. This makes them a reliable and long-lasting solution for street lighting needs.


Price determines product quality. During the purchase, you must look for the qualified manufacturer, and to avoid being deceived, do not blind by the low-price products.

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